Top Five Posts in January 2021

Top Posts in January

Today, on ze blog, I am sharing the top five posts in January. This is something I like to do for those who are always on the go and don’t have much time to spare. I value your precious time so if I can give you the scoop from the month before, I will. 😉

The top five posts from last month were…

  1. Our 3-day Getaway to Tulum – If you have not checked out my travel guide about Tulum, what are you waiting for missy?!? I think you’ll love, especially if you are a natural foodie. The food from that trip was delicious. I am counting down the days until our next getaway.
  2. Colorado Winter Vacation – Activities & More – This was the first travel guide of 2021 and it covered our entire Christmas trip in Colorado. If you are on Instagram, be sure to check out the posts related to Colorado and save the posts relevant to you. I covered a lot of fun facts about the trip, places, and activities to do.
  3. Little Black Faux Leather Dresses – This was a blog post from last year, however, it somehow started to resurface, which is pretty cool to see! Black faux leather dresses can be worn throughout the entire year, if you ask me. They make great date night dresses, which makes sense if it’s resurfacing because people are starting to think of their Valentine’s Day outfit. I updated the blog post with little black faux leather dresses that are available now 😉 I hope you love!
  4. How to Live in the Present Moment: 7 Intentional Practices – I love that this blog post made it to the top five posts in January. Guys, if you have yet to read this blog post, please read it. In fact, if I had to pick one from this list, I would choose this one. (And the second pick would be #5.)
  5. 20 Things to be Grateful for Today – Again, one of those blog posts that I think everyone should read. If you feel a little down, or bummed about something, take a moment to read this blog post. I wrote it from the heart and believe it could help those in need of a little encouragement.

Well, that’s a wrap on the top posts in January. I wish you a very happy month, week, and day. I am SO excited for this month because I have exciting content to share with you all and I can hardly wait! As always, if you would like to say hi, or give feedback, please email me at, DM me on Instagram, or comment below on this blog post. I love hearing from you!

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