Need a new planner? I have a suggestion or two!

Need a new planner? I have a suggestion or two!

If you are in search of a new planner, I may have a great suggestion for you!

I have used planners for a very long time (10+ years) so I know what to look for when I need a new one. A few requirements include:

  • A glimpse of the entire calendar year
  • A glimpse of every month
  • A weekly view for each month
  • A few blank pages for notes, inspiration, affirmations, goals, etc.
  • And it must be pretty (and preferably pink)
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My Top Three Podcasts in 2019

Hope you are having a fabulous evening so far. This particular blog post has been on my heart for quite some time because I am constantly raving about podcast episodes from my favorite leaders. These people have become my virtual mentors and my life is constantly improving because of their knowledge and wisdom.

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National Read a Book Day

National Read a Book Day

September is known as Self-Improvement Month. This is a subject I am passionate about because I believe in always striving to be the freaking best! Coincidence or not, Sep. 6th is also National Read a Book Day. Pretty perfect, huh?

You + A Book with Tools for Self-Improvement = A Better You

It was my goal to share a list of my all-time favorite books on Sep. 6th, but if you follow me on instagram, then you know I was at the veterinary hospital with precious Tinker Bell so it was impossible to publish this blog post then.

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