10 Ways to Start Your Day Off Right

10 Ways to Start Your Day Off Right

Today, on mrsprofresh.com, I am sharing 10 ways to start the day off right. It is never too late to establish good, healthy habits that will contribute to your overall health and wellness.

10 Ways to Start Your Day Off Right

  1. Physical Movement
    • Move your body. However you decide to move physically, the point is to get the blood flowing. Physical movement can be as simple as stretching. If you are a yogi, then practice yoga. If you enjoy weight lifting, then go to the gym. The goal is to move the body.
  2. Practice Gratitude
    • You can practice gratitude by thinking about what you are most grateful for. Try doing this while brushing your teeth, getting dressed, or making the bed. By practicing gratitude, you are intentionally reminding yourself that you have so much to look forward to. Do you know hard it is to be worried and grateful at the same time? In fact, it is impossible.
  3. Morning Pages
    • If you feel compelled to write, add morning pages to your routine. Morning Pages are three pages of writing your thoughts, worries, things to do, things to be grateful for, etc. first thing in the morning. Julia Cameron is credited for this practice and a lot of people have experienced success with it. You can read more about it here.
  4. Hydrate
    • Instead of having that first cup of coffee for the day, drink water. It is SO important to stay hydrated, however, most of us spend our entire lives dehydrated.
  5. Get Sunlight
    • Did you know nearly half of Americans lack vitamin D? Getting that sunlight first thing in the morning is so beneficial to our overall health and wellness. (And yes, even if it’s for 10 minutes of direct sunlight – aka going outside.) I highly recommend listening to the Huberman Lab podcast so you can learn about other things you could be doing to improve your health performance.
  6. Nourish the Body
    • This one is debatable, however, most high performers make it a priority to nourish their bodies with healthy foods. Whether it’s cooking a meal, or enjoying something that is quick and easy, I think it is important to eat. (Starbucks or fast food doesn’t count.)
  7. Organize Agenda
    • Organizing your agenda for the day could potentially be more beneficial if you do it the night before. However, if the morning is all you have, this habit will change the trajectory of your day, and consequently, your entire life. I have enjoyed using the Monk Manual for the past two years, and love it. I’ll link it here in case you are interested in it.
  8. Identify Priorities
    • Let me just say that organizing your agenda, and identifying your priorities are two different things. You should have an idea of what your day should consist of, however, identifying the top three things you MUST complete before the day ends is what matters most. I think we all think of ourselves as super humans, and we are in a lot of ways, but this doesn’t mean we can do it all. Identify what matters most and consider the day a win in your book.
  9. Learn Something New
    • Instead of watching the news, or scrolling mindlessly through social media, learn something new by listening to a podcast, audiobook, or reading a book. You can even pick a newsletter that is relevant to a topic you’re interested in, or something related to your career, as long as you are learning something new and productive. The goal is to avoid negativity – be careful what you feed your mind.
  10. Pray/Meditate
    • Last, but certainly not least, say a little prayer of thankfulness, or practice meditation. The idea is to experience a few minutes of stillness and silence before the chaos of a new day begins.

Final Thoughts

If there is one thing I would like for you to take away from this blog post it would be to never underestimate the power of a morning routine. Your morning habits can absolutely dictate how your day will unfold. Also, start small because the last thing you want is to give up easily. With consistency, and persistence, you will slowly add (or stack) another healthy habit. Before you know it, you will establish a morning routine that works for you.

The way I like to think about my days is – you either win, or lose, the day. Be the person who wins the day. Life is too short to waste precious time.

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