Easy Holiday Decoration Hack

This one is for all of my DIY-ers. One of the things I try to do around the holiday season is create pieces that will easily transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Thanksgiving is literally around the corner – three weeks to be exact. If you have yet to decorate for the season, or you are hosting this year, I have found the perfect items to create a simple yet elegant decoration piece.

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Just another life update

Holy smokes, what a week and it isn’t even over! I thought I was going to be able to focus on getting well this week but work has been a little cray. My body is not recovering fast enough so I am counting down until the weekend so I can rest and pamper myself with a facial. I am actually on my way to get a massage tonight so that’ll be nice. I cannot believe that tomorrow will be one week since I’ve been sick!

On top of this, I am obviously trying to keep up with the blog by posting regularly, troubleshooting, sharing on IG stories, etc. It can get a little overwhelming because I run my website and everything else related to the blog. Earlier this week, I spent about three hours trying to figure out what’s going on with one of my widgets not displaying correctly and then downloading a new one compatible with my website. It’s a process, lol! Miraculously, I always get it done. I haven’t had the need to pay anyone just yet. Anyway, not going to bore you with that stuff.

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My Q&A with Voyage Houston

My Q&A with Voyage Houston

If you would have told me I would eventually leave my corporate America job to go on a journey of self-discovery, I would have probably believed you because that sounds very much like me. However, if you would have told me the number of things I would discover during this journey I would have had a hard time believing you.

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Top 5 Posts in September

Happy first day of October! Hope you are off to a great start this week! It’s a new month, fresh start – filled with opportunities.

I am looking forward to Thursday because I’ll be taking off to NYC for a girls’ weekend. I noticed the weather will be completely opposite of Houston so this should be interesting…hahaha. Looks like a cold front will be rolling in the day we arrive, what are the chances, right?!?

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There’s always an upside

Things have been incredibly insane lately. After our anniversary trip in late July, I felt like our lives sped up to 10000 miles per hour (mph).

I’ve been here before – WE have been here before.

I have been commuting to College Station for work since last summer. During this time, Jose and I were debating on where to purchase our first home. We were stuck between moving closer to our families or staying in the city. We considered every pro and con, and as you know, we chose to stay in the city.

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The Hustle Never Stops

The Hustle Never Stops

So you heard the news, we are finally homeowners! Guys – we have been working hustling our asses butts off to get to this day. This is all surreal and still on cloud nine. That being said, the real physical work is about to begin. We have to pack, declutter, sell, unpack, decorate, treat, and so much more, in the next few weeks.

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