My First Dry Brushing Experience

The first time I heard about dry brushing was last summer. I was in Dallas for a baby shower with my friends and my friend Daniella introduced me to the skin treatment. She explained the benefits, and after that, I was intrigued. When I saw that our local spa was running a $20 special for dry brushing, I decided it was time to try it out.

So what’s dry brushing?

Dry brushing is exactly what it sounds – brushing your skin while it’s dry with a brush that has stiff bristles. (Like this one here.) The brush strokes should be upwards (or in circular motions) toward the heart. I found a quick six minute video explaining and demonstrating how to do this – I’ll link it here. This skin treatment helps exfoliate the skin and increase blood circulation. Even though it’s not backed by science (yet), it is also known to improve lymphatic flow, reduce cellulite, improve digestion, and detoxify the body. (To read a blog post from a reliable source, WebMD, I’ll link it here.)

Here’s the scoop on last week’s first time experience…

I didn’t like how itchy I was afterwards, like desperate to scratch my legs and thighs. The masseuse was actually super gentle during the brushing process so I cannot explain what caused the itching. She recommended to shower as soon as I got home, and sure enough, I stopped itching. My skin felt DAMN GOOD afterwards. The redness eventually went away too. It felt as if I had just shaved my legs even though I hadn’t. I would like to continue dry brushing at least once per week to see if I notice any drastic changes to my skin.

A quick note about blood flood, cellulite, and lymphatic flow…

One of the things I do to stimulate blood flow, reduce/prevent cellulite, and improve lymphatic flow, is use a foam roller on a daily basis. Ever since implementing this to my normal routine, if I skip two or more days, I can feel it on my legs. I sit on a chair for long periods of time so one of my legs will start to form a little bitty bump that’ll eventually hurt if I don’t get up and move. (I haven’t gone to the doctor to check this out but maybe I should consult with a specialist?)

Final Thoughts:

Anyway, whether you do dry brushing, foam rolling, working out, stretching, etc. I do think it’s important to do something to stimulate the blood flow. To all of my ladies sitting at a desk most of the day, try foam rolling and see if you like it! It’s inexpensive, easy to do, and provides amazing benefits! I’ll link my favorite one here. (Foam rolling is also great if you’re too sore to move! It’s also a way to relieve back pain. Damn, I’m old – hahahaha.)

Ps. I’ll update this blog post as I continue to practice this new skin treatment. If you have any questions, you can email or send a DM on Instagram.

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