Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her (2020)

Alright, ladies (and men). Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and if you plan on gifting your favorite gal something, I’ve got you covered with some of my favorite finds!

Let’s jump right to it!

Pick #1 – OK, so if I am being completely honest, I probably looked inside my purse for inspiration. I’ve selected a few purse essentials (#1 – #4) and a small compact mirror is definitely one of them. By the way, if you’re a bride-to-be, check these out. It’s the set my sister most likely purchased to gift to her bridal party recently when she asked us to be a part of the wedding.

Pick #2 – Here is another option with great reviews. I may sneak this one in my next Amazon order. For sure curious about the LED lighting situation and I am not thrilled about the logo on the actual mirror but eh – it doesn’t bother me as much.

Pick #3 – This is just a cute lip balm I came across while browsing for gift ideas. It’s Valentine’s Day themed so I figured why not? If you’re into creating V-day themed baskets (or goody bags), this could definitely be a part of that!

Pick #4 – Trust me when I say this, every girl who carries a purse needs a purse hook. It’s one of those tools we seriously take for granted. These are super cute and two come in one pack (keep one and gift the other?).

Pick #5 – This is my newest bag for travel (thanks Nessa). I store two things in here – my toothpaste and toothbrush. Although you could totally use it for other beauty essentials, it’s big enough to fit face serums, cleansers, and the like. Fill this baby up with a face mask, lip balm, compact mirror, and beauty blenders, and gift it to your favorite gal!

Pick #6 – Jose, if you’re reading this, I need an airpod case. Please and thank you! My sister loved her case (until she lost her airpods recently – yikes!). Oh, and here’s another cute option.

Pick #7 – You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a cute pink iPhone case. This one is just $20! And I love the dusty pink color!

Pick #8 – If you already know your gf loves throw blankets, this cotton woven striped one is on sale for $24!

Pick #9 – Call it corny but I LOVE to gift memorable things. This little book gives you the opportunity to share special memories between you and another person. I’ve done this for Jose in the past and I can say we had a great time reading through some of those memories.

Pick #10 – This burgundy two-piece short pajama set is super cute and under $25! Grab it while sizes are still available. It also comes in print, click here for more.

Pick #11 – This jewelry catchall is currently on sale for $13.50! I love monogrammed things, especially if it’s something I put my most prized possession on (aka my marriage/engagement ring)!

Pick #12 – I bought this wine opener paired with a bottle of wine for my cousins, and so far, so good. They said it’s working fine and great at opening bottles. I’ve been recommending this baby since last year and I think it’s a little wild that I haven’t purchased one for the #sojo household. I must change that pretty soon. (Alexa – add the Oster electric winter bottle opener to my cart.)

Pick #13 – OMG! Guys, this little sucker is on freaking sale for $7! I paid full price for this monogrammed marble wine stopper. Should I order more?!?!? BTW – this makes a great wedding gift.

Pick #14 – I had a dream playing this game the day after I found it. It’s actually a game I’ve never played before BUT it has good reviews! I think this will be a great game for the girls/couples (or with people who actually know you really well).

Pick #15 – Again, another idea to add to your Valentine’s Day basket/goody bag. It’s pink, it’s good for the face, your bff will thank you later.

Pick #16 – *Sigh* If only I could purchase all of the pjs I found while browsing for favorites. I love this black short two-piece set and this long satin t-shirt option.

Pick #17 – These beauty blenders have over 60 positive reviews so I thought that was something. I picked them out because they’re very much in theme with V-day. If you would like to know which ones I am currently using, click here. Five come in a pack for only $9!

That’s a wrap for gifts for her under $25! I hope you got some ideas of what to gift your gal. And if you are the gal wishing for some of these things, share this link with your significant other and/or girlfriends.

As always, if you have any questions, you can email me at or send a DM on Instagram.

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