Top 5 Posts in July

Happy Sunday!!! Hope you are having a wonderful morning so far! If you are a new reader, welcome. Every month, I share the top five posts from the previous month. I am a little late in sharing July’s top five blog posts, but hey, better late than never. July was known as “love month” and I shared various topics around marriage/wedding. I did it last year and enjoyed it so much so I stuck to the theme again this year!

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How I knew he was the one…

I knew Jose was the one from the moment he shared his dreams with me. I had never met anyone with bigger-than-life dreams before him. Throughout my life, I’ve only met a handful of people with the type of dreams we have for our future. This always played a huge part in my dating life. I wanted to know what the other person was envisioning for themselves.

In previous relationships, I found myself doing the most to prepare for my future. It was only a matter of time before realizing I was dating the wrong people. For whatever reason, I wanted more for them than what they wanted for themselves. I found myself trying to mold them into someone they were not. It was a huge issue and I was stubborn about the whole thing. I thought I knew what I was doing and was certain I had all the answers. Boy, oh boy, was I wrong. Slowly but surely, the truth would reveal itself and these bad relationships came to an end. Whew – so happy they did because I ended up marrying the man of my prayers.

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If you are not doing this…you should be

This blog post is under “married life”,  but honestly, this applies to every person with a savings account. I know money (or finances) isn’t the most exciting thing to talk about for most people but it is super important. This is a topic I’ve been excited to share because we have truly enjoyed the benefits of it!

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Top 5 Posts in June

Happy July! Happy Monday! Happy second half of the year! And just like that, we are halfway through the year. How are this year’s goals coming along? Do you still have that fire burning inside of you? Is it time to recharge? Perhaps you have a vacation coming up where you’ll find that spark again. I get it…it happens. The important thing is to get back up and begin again. Do not stop. Do not give up. Keep dreaming and keep doing. It is only a matter of time until you reach your goal(s).

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My Top Three Podcasts in 2019

Hope you are having a fabulous evening so far. This particular blog post has been on my heart for quite some time because I am constantly raving about podcast episodes from my favorite leaders. These people have become my virtual mentors and my life is constantly improving because of their knowledge and wisdom.

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