Fresh Friday Finds: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

Fresh Friday Finds: Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

Valentine’s Day is 16 days away! Find out which fresh Friday finds made it to this year’s Valentine’s Day gift guide for her.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide:

  • Number 1 – I love this blush Keurig machine. If your girl loves coffee, and pink, really consider this one, especially if she doesn’t own a Keurig. I had one for so many years before purchasing the Nespresso, and I have to admit, I am considering purchasing a coffee machine again because I really do miss a simple cup of coffee. (The Nespresso is known to create lattes at home, however, if it’s supposed to make plain coffee then I need help, lol.) Anyway, if pink isn’t her color, there are other colors to choose from: light gray, vintage baby blue, and plain black.
  • Number 2 – When I saw the message on this mug, I thought to myself, “This is too stinking cute! And everyday goals!” I really am over mugs, lol, however, this one is cute and passes as a fresh Friday find 😉 Stuff it with chocolate, perhaps a gift card, and voila!
  • Number 3 – I don’t own an Apple watch but my little sister does and she loves it. She says it’s great to keep up with messages/calls during work hours, keep count of her daily steps, and nudges her to get her steps in if she’s lacking. Anyway, I always thought this was a great device for someone who doesn’t have easy access to their phone during the work day. But more importantly, I have read great reviews about the health aspect. It comes in silver, charcoal, navy blue, and red.
  • Number 4 – K, so it is even a Valentine’s Day gift guide if I don’t include Airpods? I don’t think so. Airpods are essential in my life, especially through this pandemic as I spend more time on the phone with the family as I am doing groceries, walking outside, or organizing my dinner table flower arrangements. If your significant other, or special friend, spends a lot of time on the phone, listens to podcasts while training, or loves music during their workouts, these gems will do. Not to mention, the Airpods I own (not the Pros) are on sale for $130!!! That’s a steal because the regular price is $160.
  • Number 5 – This little pink chic rectangular looking thing is a smartphone printer. It also comes in black and ash white. It has over 1.5K positive reviews, and let me tell you, if I didn’t have a strict budget this month, I would have purchased it to try it myself. Perhaps it’s something I’ll purchase in the future though because I love my Instax camera already so I can only imagine the luxury of printing cute photos straight from my phone. If your girl loves capturing sweet moments, I think this smartphone printer would be a hit!
  • Number 6 – This bamboo tray is on my Amazon wish list. I LOVE IT. I love it more because it doesn’t have a company logo imprinted on it, at least not one that is visible. (All the other ones I found did.) I spent a while looking for the right bamboo tray and this is the one I ended up loving along with this gray one. I have yet to buy one for myself so you can bet I’ll be buying one soon.
  • Number 7 – Guys… I really want a weekender bag. In fact, I need one. I have a feeling I’ll be making more local trips this year simply due to the pandemic so I am definitely in the market for a weekender bag spacious enough for clothes, shoes, and my beauty stuff. I’ll report back on which one I end up purchasing, however, as of now, this one is winning. It’s on sale for $44 and it has over 3.7K positive reviews!!! It comes in a large and extra large size PLUS several colors to choose from.
  • Number 8 – So this is the Instax camera I have in the smokey white color. (Thanks to my best friend who bought it for me on my birthday last year!) I love taking it to places with me and capturing nice moments. The camera can be purchased alone – I’ll link it here. Or you can purchase the bundle that includes the camera, case, film, album, and so much more. I’ll link that one here. They come in many cute colors 😉
  • Number 9 – Um, Jose, if you’re reading this, I want a picnic basket. LOL. Seriously – I’ve been wanting one for a loooong time, haha.
  • Number 10 – If your girl loves beauty, consider this kit. Every person needs vitamin C on their skin – every person.
  • Number 11 – I LOVE LOVE LOVE this perfume and I believe I have covered it before plenty of times on the blog, lol. I am currently out of it sooooo hint, hint, Jose. I may have created this gift guide thinking of myself, hahahahaha.
  • Number 12 – K, so if you’re in a brand new relationship, or want to get deep with your significant other, I found this game that could be fun on date night. I read through a few cards and thought it wouldn’t be good for us because we have covered a lot of the preview questions, however, never say never. There’s always room to explore each other 😉
  • Number 13 – My sister has these pjs and I freaking love them. They come in maroon and black – I think they’re chic and fun. If you have someone who loves to wear pjs around the house, these made the cut 😉

Well, that’s a wrap for this week! If you are someone who’s reading this and is thinking about an item on here, forward it to your lover, friend, mama, dad, whomever is your Valentine this year 😉 Let them know what you would like this year. If you have any questions about this year’s Valentine’s Day gift guide for her, feel free to email me at, shoot me a message on Instagram, or comment below on this blog.

Ps. If you have to yet my latest travel guide to Tulum…what are you waiting for?!?!? I’ll link it here 😉 Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me.

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