Fresh Friday Finds: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

Valentine’s Day is 8 days away! Find out which fresh Friday finds made it to this year’s Valentine’s Day gift guide for him.

15 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas:

  • One – This Fujifilm Instax mini camera is perfect for the man who appreciates photography. Hear me out real quick – I actually got this camera for my birthday last year. However, guess who ended up loving it more than me?!? Don’t get me wrong – I love my mini camera buuuut Jose is the one who holds me accountable on bringing it to places. He loves it so much he came up with the idea of creating an album of all the special memories we have captured using it. So even if you don’t think he will enjoy it, you really never know.
  • Two – I am SO tempted to find out what this little gadget is about. I’ve seen one of my favorite influencers, Dani Austin, talk about this back massager and it appears to be helpful. I think if you have a guy in your life that complains about neck, back, and/or shoulder pain, this could be worth a shot. It has over 5K positive online reviews. (I’ll keep ya posted if I purchase it.)
  • Three – OK, according to the reviews, this is a REALLY good bluetooth speaker, especially for the man who loves outdoor activities. It’s also the perfect size for travel because it’s so small, however, it is loud and lasts a long time. It comes in black, blue, gray, red, and pink/violet. It was over 12K positive online reviews.
  • Four – If your guy is an Apple fan, and is still holding on to those headphones with strings attached, do him the favor and spoil him with a pair of brand new AirPods. Currently, the AirPods Pro and regular AirPods are on sale!
  • Five – I’ve read and heard so many great things about the Apple Watch. As I mentioned on the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her, I don’t own one but my little sister does and loves it. She says it’s great to keep up with messages/calls during work hours, keep count of her daily steps, and nudges her to get her steps in if she’s lacking. Anyway, I always thought this was a great device for someone who doesn’t have easy access to their phone during the work day. But more importantly, I read great reviews about the health aspect because it gives you data/feedback on your personal health such as sleep, oxygen, etc.. It comes in silver, gold, charcoal, navy blue, and red.
  • Six – The fact that this little globe whiskey decanter has a 4.8 rating (out of 5) speaks volumes. If your guy has a bar in the house, this could be a cool addition. I think it’s a unique piece compared to other whiskey decanters and it has over 1K positive online reviews. (Refer to the customer images to see how it looks in-person.)
  • Seven – This gift is a really good shortcut IF time isn’t on your side this Valentine’s Day. It’s a glass jar with 31 blank pieces of paper to write your own messages. Whether you decide to come up with a theme, or simply express your love, I think this is a sweet and thoughtful gift. I actually did my own a few years ago for Jose and loved watching him read through each message. The gift set comes with decorative envelopes, which is cute, coordinating filling, the glass jar, blank pieces of paper, the gift box, and a ribbon.
  • Eight – I can’t – this one is also too cute. I had to include it as part of my Valentine’s Day gift guide for him this year. This little book is called Letters to my Love, which are letters meant to write now, read later, and treasure forever. There are 12 letters to write so don’t think too long about it. I also love this little guy, which is a small booklet that allows you to share things you love about the relationship. If you have been reading the blog for a few years now, you know how much I love a good love letter from Jose. In fact, if you are wanting more inspiration for Valentine’s Day, check out this blog post as well because I included last minute gift ideas for the procrastinator.
  • Nine – You know how we always refer to crazy (or wild) things as things in our bucket list? I don’t know if that ever happens to you, but I know I have said to people, “Oh, that’s on my bucket list!” But is it? The point I am trying to make is – who actually keeps track of their bucket list? And where is this bucket list? Having said that, if you have an adventurous significant other, I think this journal is perfect to document a bucket list.
  • Ten – Believe it or not, Jose pulls out our mixology set whenever he needs it for cocktails or drinks. This isn’t the one we have, however, I think it looks pretty cool and modern. (The one we have is from Pottery Barn and I’ll link it here.) So if your guy has a drink/bar area in the home, perhaps it’s time to up his bar game.
  • Eleven – I saw this cigar humidor, and thought to myself, “Oh, this looks legit.” I read the reviews and ensured it checked off all of my boxes. A lot of people described it as classy, well-made, and sturdy. It’s worth looking into, especially for that guy who loves his Habanos.
  • Twelve – As I mentioned on the gift guide for her, if you’re in a brand new relationship, or want to get deep with your significant other, this game could be fun on date night. I read through a few cards and figured it wouldn’t be good for us because we have covered a lot of the preview questions, however, never say never. There’s always room to explore each other. 😉
  • Thirteen – I typically like to include some tools in gift guides for him so I thought to include this multi-function adapter set in this year’s V-Day gift guide. It has over 8K freaking reviews!!! A 4.6 rating out of 5, which is pretty freaking awesome.
  • Fourteen – Indoor fire pits have become increasingly popular and I couldn’t think of a better way to enhance an outdoor picnic, or gathering. If you are cheesy like me, this could be a great date night idea at home. I would love to stay home, make s’mores on our rooftop patio, while working on our vision boards or connecting through a good deep life convo.
  • Fifteen – Ah, the weekender duffel bag. I love the style of this specific one – the gray color with a compartment for shoes. Perfect for a quick weekend getaway 😉

Well, that’s a wrap on this year’s Valentine’s Day gift guide for him. If you have questions, or insight, please email, DM me on Instagram, or comment below on this blog post. 😉

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