Top Five Posts in February 2021

Top Posts in February

Happy, happy March, my friends! Honestly, I couldn’t be happier for spring weather AND longer days ahead. Today, on the blog, I am sharing the top five posts in February. This is my way of rounding up the top blog posts with the most views in case you fell behind on reading the blog last month 😉

The top five posts from February were:

  1. Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker – Only the cutest waffle maker to make heart-shaped waffles! If you have yet to check out the blog post, please check it out for some major brunch spread inspo! I think you’ll love. Not to mention, if you have kids, this makes a great activity to do with them.
  2. Little Black Faux Leather Dresses – Well, this blog post remains a popular one. I guess people are really into black faux leather dresses right now. Since it’s an old blog post, I updated it with three different dresses that are currently available. By the way, that Topshop pick is my number one pick 😉 It’s on sale for $64 and plenty of sizes are still available.
  3. Empress 1908 Gin, You Empress Me Cocktail Recipe – But have you tried my latest cocktail creation? Please. Go. Check. It. Out. If you love sweet, I think you’ll love.
  4. Birthday Weekend in Fredericksburg, TX – I think it’s really cool to see this old blog post resurface in this way. I am actually looking forward to the day I visit Fredericksburg again, which I hope it’s very soon! If you have yet to visit the hill country, or plan to visit this spring/summer, I highly recommend checking out this blog post for inspiration.
  5. Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for HimThank you to those who shopped my Valentine’s Day gift guides this year – I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know!!! This gift guide contains picks that are very much relevant today so count on it for his birthday, or anniversary celebration. 😉

Final Thoughts:

Well, that’s a wrap for today. I hope you have a month filled with sunshine…I mean, after last month’s winter storm, I am ready to plan my next beach vacation. As always, if you would like to say hi, or give feedback, please email me at, DM me on Instagram, or comment below on this blog post. I love hearing from you!

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