One of my goals is to inspire your everyday wardrobe, home decor, creativity in the kitchen, gift giving ideas, and OCD tendencies. (If you are crazy about organizing, we are going to be best gal pals 😉 ) I am obsessed with the process of creating looks, decorating the home, creating recipes, looking for (and creating) unique gifts for those I love, and organizing every inch of my home.

To stay up-to-date with all of the above, you can:

  1. Shop my daily outfits here
  2. Shop for the home (aka SoJo Home) here
    • By the way, SoJo was created from taking the first two letters from Sonia and Jose. Since you know, we are the ones behind decorating the home 😉

More pages to shop are still underway. As soon as they’re live, I’ll let you know through Instagram stories.

Hope this new update makes it easier to shop for the things I share on the daily, especially through Instagram stories. I am an open book so never hesitate on reaching out if you have any questions. I would love to connect.