Birthday Weekend in Fredericksburg, TX

As promised, here is lowdown on my birthday weekend in Fredericksburg, TX (aka the hill country). If you have never gone to Fredericksburg, I am encouraging you to save up for your trip now. It is a BEAUTIFUL hill country escape. I loved it so much, I actually see ourselves living in the hill country in the future. I seriously cannot wait to go back.

Our Airbnb in Fredericksburg

As soon as we arrived, we headed straight to our Airbnb. It was the cutest home we could find near Main St. Since the wineries I chose to visit were spread out, and were located in opposite directions from Main St., I thought it made the most sense to stay in a centralized location. If you prefer to stay in the hill country, with views overlooking the hills, Airbnb had awesome choices.

By the way, I got this question while I was there, “Is Airbnb a reliable place to book from?” And the answer is, absolutely! I’ve booked a few stays through Airbnb and I’ve never had an issue. Of course, take this with a grain of salt and do your own research. Check to confirm if Airbnb is a good fit for your needs. Don’t expect someone to do the beds, wash the dishes, and clean up after you the following day. The services are different compared to a hotel stay.

Below are a few photos from our Airbnb, the owners thought about every little detail. They had everything from extra towels, activities and toys for kids, card games for the adults, a laundry room, outdoor fire pit, dishes, cooking ware, etc. I felt covered, ya know what I mean? Not to mention, I forgot my keys so they kindly shipped them back to me.

Please excuse this photo from my Instagram stories, I totally forgot to snap a photo on my phone of the entrance to the Airbnb.
Farmhouse vibes.
Living room area where we lounged and played games.
What a charming, cozy corner.
The owners included a guide, the blue binder on the table, with plenty of helpful resources.
Coffee station for those coffee lovers.
They gave us FRESH eggs from their farm! I thought this was so sweet. And yes, we cooked those babies and had them for breakfast. Woah – that sounded odd.
Blankets ready to go for those who are cold! The DETAILS.
Master bedroom with its own bathroom.
Second room.
Third room.

Birthday Dinner

After settling in, we had dinner at Navajo Grill, which was a solid choice for the occasion. I had the steak and fries (or steak-frites). The restaurant’s ambiance was chill and relaxing with a lovely outdoor covered patio. Not to mention, our waiter was awesome and the company was even better. The dessert is a must-have here too, I totally forgot the name of the one I ordered but all of their choices sounded delicious. The only downside (or con) I would say is, they didn’t offer local wine, or Texan wine. I figured since we were in the Texas Hill Country, they would offer some of their best local wine, but I was wrong.

Steak-frites cooked to my liking.

Wineries in Fredericksburg

Signor Vineyards

If I had to rank the wineries we visited, this one would tie with the last winery. This winery was beautiful and spacious. There was plenty of seating areas throughout the estate and every corner was aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I loved the white, clean, crisp, and dreamy vibes. Children were allowed to enter so that was a plus since my little niece was a part of the group. They allowed our group to sit somewhat close to each other. And the rosé was the cherry on top.

This winery had vineyards located onsite, which is a bonus if you’re looking for a winery with vineyards because not all of the wineries have them. A cute little farmhouse market is also located on the property, Joanna’s Market. You can shop for snacks such as chocolate, cheese, sandwiches, wine, and much more. If you visit this summer, this would be a great choice since there is plenty of shade over the outdoor seating areas. Also, this is a cute place for family photos…just saying.

362 Livesay Ln, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 • (830) 304-7446 • Mon – Sun, Hours vary

The landscape was *heart eyes emoji*
Peaceful ambiance to say the least.

Pontotoc Vineyard Weingarten

From the minute we stepped foot into this weingarten, we felt right at home. The owner kindly greeted us and walked us over to an open table. I loved how involved his young son was in the business. He immediately approached us and asked if we were buying the picnic basket, LOL! Of course we said yes. It was my understanding that the owner’s wife bakes and makes everything included in the picnic basket so I was all in. The bread and pimento cheese were my personal faves – SO GOOD.

Our group ended up ordering sangrias since that’s what they’re known for. And guess what?!? They were the best damn sangrias I’ve had in a while. Highly recommend if you visit during spring/summer since it’s a refreshing drink. Also, quick side note, I intentionally made this our second stop (located right on Main St.) so the group had the choice of eating real food from the nearby restaurants, not just snacks from all the wineries. It ended up working out for those wanting to eat a real meal.

320 W Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 • (512) 658-0023 • Fri – Sun, Hours vary

Quick snapshot of Main St. in Fredericksburg, TX.

Augusta Vin

The suspense was real as we drove up to our last winery. It was a long stretch before reaching the final destination, which was a pleasant surprise. It felt like driving up to a winery in California so if you’re looking for Cali vibes, definitely add this one to your list! After all, this was the vineyard that caught a lot of people’s attention through Instagram stories. The views from the second floor terrace/balcony were impeccable! The interior was also just as beautiful. I hope to return to do a wine tasting. Oh, which reminds me, none of the wineries were doing wine tastings whenever we visited. This may change in the near future so call before you go.

140 Augusta Vin Ln, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 • (830) 307-1007 • Mon – Sun, Hours vary

This was taken from the second floor outdoor covered terrace.
I mainly shot candids of the family here so this is why you’ll see them as my models, LOL.
Here is a little snapshot of the terrace area.
I’ll link this game here. It made us have great conversations! Highly recommend for group settings.
The background is a right side view from the terrace. Plenty of vineyards and hills – makes the perfect backdrop!
celebrating my birthday weekend in fredericksburg, tx

Our Last Day in Fredericksburg

The last day was meant to eat a hearty breakfast (at El Milagro Twenty Twelve) so we could have energy to climb/hike Enchanted Rock. Sadly, we were not able to get in. The park was full, and apparently, tickets must be purchased in advance. (This was my bad since I didn’t confirm details beforehand.) Save yourself time and purchase your tickets online, at least two weeks in advance. We drove to Austin instead to kayak by Congress bridge. We rented our kayaks from Live Love Paddle, easy to work with, and friendly service.

Before saying goodbye to my siblings, we had dinner at a local BBQ joint, Rolling Smoke. It was freakin’ delish! I got the brisket sandwich – next time I’ll know to order only the lean meat and the smoked mac n cheese. HOLY. SMOKES. THIS SOUNDS GOOD RIGHT NOW. (Huge cheese lover here.)

Second floor view of El Milagro. By the way, the food was yummy. I got the homemade biscuits and gravy and the crew got tacos, which were made with fresh tortillas!
They have benches available to sit and enjoy your meal.
I mean…need I say much?!?!? SOO FREAKIN’ GOOD.

Well this sums up my birthday weekend in Fredericksburg! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or message me on IG. I would be more than happy to help 🙂

Ps. For all things Napa, head over to this blog post, you wine lover, you.

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