Last Minute V-Day Gift Ideas

This one is for all of my last minute shoppers, and let’s be real, procrastinators! If you are scrambling around and have no idea what to get your bae this Valentine’s Day, I’ve got you covered.

Your reason for not buying your lover’s gift on time does not matter, there is no judging around here. The important thing is you are thinking about them right now and it’s go-time!

Personalized Services (for her)

Run to her favorite nail spa/salon and buy a gift certificate. If you don’t know her go-to nail location, find the nearest one. I recommend checking the reviews before selecting one.

Buy a gift card to the nearest blow dry bar. You may have no clue what this is, but trust me, she’ll love it! The most well-known dry bar in larger cities is called drybar. Click here to buy a gift card.

Personalized Services (for him & her)

Schedule a couples massage at your nearest location. If you’ve never had a massage before, there is usually a discount for first-timers. You can also check Groupon for any local deals.

Hope this one isn’t too out there because I believe men should also care about their skin, schedule a facial at your nearest spa. A microdermabrasion facial never hurt nobody, it is a great way to exfoliate the skin!

 Other Ideas

  • Make reservations at your local movie theatre to watch a movie you’ll both enjoy
  • Buy a bottle of wine/bubbly, chocolate covered strawberries (because who doesn’t love them?), and watch a favorite movie
    • The Great Gatsby, The Wolf of Wall Street, or Titanic are some of my favs! And woah, I just realized Leonardo DiCaprio is in all of them!
  • Go to the nearest book store and purchase a book or two from their favorite author
    • You can also buy a book to read together! I highly recommend the “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman
  • Replace old gym clothes (or shoes) with a brand new set from their favorite retailer/brand
  • Propose a date this upcoming weekend – maybe it’s a coffee shop, yoga class, or a run

One thing we can rest assured is love does not have to cost a thing. You can simply write a love letter and declare all of your respect, admiration, and love for them. Hope this post sparked some ideas!

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day,

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