Profresh Friday Picks

Today’s picks were purchased a few years ago but they remain as my go-to’s whenever I feel like stepping out of the ordinary office attire. Also, it’s super easy to recreate the look I am about to share so why not? There is a high chance you have similar items hanging in your closet right now.

If you are not afraid to dress up a tee (and work in a laid back office) then cheers to that. I am especially into the ones with inspiring words or messages. Target is pretty good at stocking up the best ones! I wish they still had the one below. But no worries, I still managed to round-up a few faves from my favorite retailers – just keep scrolling to check them out.


You can easily pull off this look with one (or all) of the picks listed below – or simply style your current favorite tee! Pair it with a pencil skirt, or slacks, and a stylish blazer, and watch how instantly you will brighten up any room!

2-15-19.pngAh yes, all of the tees are under $25! Shop here:

#1: Courage tee

#2: Soulful tee

#3: Dreamer tee

#4: Inspire tee

#5: Girlboss tee

#6: Good things coming tee

#7: Visionary tee

I found the three pencil skirts while browsing for tees and loved what I read about each one. I’ll be purchasing one or two for sure! You can shop below:

They are perfect for spring so I’ll be ordering a few of these to share on my IG stories! Thanks so much for reading and hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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