45 Days Without Sip, Sip, Hooray!

The thought of having my “best beach body yet” by this month is something to laugh at. Seriously, I am giggling just at the thought. Why? Why did I decide to put that kind of pressure on me?!? Who do I think I am for believing I could achieve a nice pack of abs in just 30 days?!?

I am a crazy dreamer – that’s why. I know that one day I will have those insane abs I’ve always wanted, but until then, I will keep showing up to the gym because it is certainly not happening by February 28th.

The only reason I gave up alcohol was to focus on my fitness goal of having abs. Little did I know this little journey would take me through an unexpected route.

I could walk you through the steps I’ve taken in an attempt of having abs of steel, but instead, I am going to cover how the absence of alcohol has impacted my life.

First of all, not going to lie, I miss #sundayfunday. I also miss my glasses of wine while cooking dinner and I certainly miss my Moscow mules on a Saturday night out in the town (not that we have really gone out this year, LOL). Avoiding alcohol is not as hard M – F, but as soon the weekend hits, I want to throw it all out the window. Through several pep talks (and discipline), I’ve managed to make it this far, and I don’t plan on caving.

Staying in on weekends has forced me to really focus on the goals I’ve set for myself this year (click here for full list). One of my goals is to publish at least three blog posts per week, and as of this month, I am on track. Not quite where I’d like to be because I would love to provide an exact date and time when the posts are available, but since I write from the heart, sometimes I just have to close my laptop to refresh my mind and thoughts, and continue the next day. I strongly believe in only sharing high quality and valuable content, whether it’s a blog post with pictures, or simply heartfelt thoughts expressed through words and not photos. I want my readers to know I give it my all each time. I’m already working on content for March and looking forward to another productive month. I hope March is the month I am able to write at least one week ahead of time – this will help me determine the best days of the week to guarantee blog posts. Another goal is to read at least one book per month – happy to say I am also on track! Reading is something I love to do to learn from other inspiring leaders, however, it takes a lot out of me to focus. In the past, it has taken me months to finish a simple book. This year, I am pretty determined on changing that. I think through practice and discipline, reading will eventually come naturally. The one man I look up to for reading every single morning for at least 30 minutes is my dad! He inspires me to keep pushing – if he can do it, I can do it! Oh, did I mention he taught himself how to read?!? Yep, he is pretty amazing. I’ve also felt compelled to begin (and stick to) new rituals, or habits, and everything that adds to my daily productivity. I think back to “old days” and realize how foolish it was of me to waste hours upon hours in bed due to a hangover, not that I would have one every weekend, but it still makes me cringe because I’ll never get that time back. Is this what it means to grow up? I mean…

Although I am proud of sticking to a few of the goals for this year, I know I am slacking in other areas. For example, I have yet to figure out a bible reading solution. I drive a lot so I think the only way I’ll get to reading the bible is by listening to an app. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Also, we are spending more time in Houston but we haven’t done much on the weekends due to work. I think it also has a lot to do with the gloomy winter days around here so hopefully this changes next month.

This no alcohol deal has made me realize the energy I can possess by staying in and waking up early the next morning. The focus is unreal and my actions are intentional. My respect for alcohol has definitely changed. Not saying I will never take another shot in my life, or get a little happy on my birthday, but you can bet I will think twice before ruining my energy for the next day.

Well, that is a wrap! Thank you for taking precious time out of your life to read my posts. It means a lot to me. I am thinking of all the ways to thank my readers and supporters – I think I have an idea and will be sharing soon.

Ps. It’s been 45 days since I’ve had a sip of you know what and this is my 45th post! Coincidence? Nah, I don’t believe in coincidences!

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