Top 10 Posts in April 2020

Happy, happy May!!!! This is my FAVORITE month because it’s the hubby’s and I’s birthday month! Our original birthday plans consisted of traveling all over Europe for one week buuuuut as you can imagine, we will be spending our birthday’s in Houston.

In case you’re a new reader, welcome! *virtual hug* At the beginning of a new month, I like to let my readers know which blog posts had the most views from the previous month. This is solely to help those busy gals who are always on the go and have limited time. (By the way, thank you for taking this time to read the blog. I am beyond grateful.)

Throughout the month of April, I managed to publish one blog post every single day. I challenged myself to do this for various reasons (I shared those reasons here) and I couldn’t be more satisfied with myself on completing such challenge. Some days I felt like a walking zombie. Now that I’ve completed that challenge, the new goal here is to publish M – F, eeeekkk!!!! I’ve reached a point in my blogging career to comfortably commit to one blog post per day, five days a week.

Having said that, I think it’s only fair to share the top 10 post in April:
  1. Watermelon Margarita Recipe – Don’t sleep on this one, lol! It is SO good. It’s actually a recipe by the hubby, not me. Surprise, surprise. Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo – perffff for the occasion!
  2. Living Room Details – Read all about our living room furniture, accessories, rug, wall art, etc. on this blog post. Most of the items are still available too!
  3. Strawberry Mint Margarita – If you haven’t tried this recipe, please stop waiting, go buy the ingredients, and try it! If you love strawberries, and margaritas, I promise you’ll love! (I don’t make promises I cannot keep 😉 )
  4. Lemon Blueberry Smoothie – Here’s another favorite. Must. Try.
  5. This is Blog Post #200 – To catch a glimpse of my appreciation for this blogging journey, read this one.
  6. May Giveaway Deets – OK, if you are reading this, and haven’t entered my giveaway, PLEASE do so. It’s so simple to enter! (Well, of course, only enter if you truly want the giveaway items.) I dedicated an entire blog post sharing some of the giveaway items, and if you go to my Instagram highlights section, I share them there too!
  7. FaceTime Games with Friends – IDK how many people are still playing FaceTime games with friends but I included a few game ideas on this blog post.
  8. My Morning Routine – I am super anal about my morning routine…if you’re curious, check out this blog post. (LOL – omg, I just read it again and I am laughing at my diarrhea moment. Wowwwwww.)
  9. A Little Update – Just a raw little life update – mostly pertaining to how I am managing through this unprecedented time.
  10. At Home Pedicure Essentials – I know spas have yet to open so if you’re trying to figure out this pedicure thing at home, highly suggest to read this blog post.

Well, that’s a wrap for tonight! Thank you so much for reading. I look forward to this week as I begin to enhance the website to make it easier to shop for the things I share over on IG stories. I am MOSTLY looking forward to announcing the giveaway winner!!!!!! EEeeeEkkKkkkkkk!!!!!

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