Profresh Friday Picks

Cheers to the freaking weekend!!! Looks like we are blessed with beautiful sunny weather in Houston – thank goodness! These next few weeks will be interesting as places begin to open up. I couldn’t be more excited to get out and sit at a coffee shop to get some work done (following safety precautions, of course). I know everyone feels different about what’s happening right now, and it will vary from state to state, but in the end, we hold the ultimate power to making our own decisions, right?!? So to each their own. Hope everyone stays safe, healthy, and positive because who knows how long this is going to last.

Anyway, on to today’s cute and oh-so-fresh #ootd. It has been so long since I last shared my #ootd, but the truth is, who is truly buying clothes during quarantine?!? I mean….if you were, good for you! LOL! I know I wasn’t. We were hunkered down for quite some time, I honestly thought recipes and other lifestyle topics were more relevant. But now that there’s a possibility of returning to work soon, I think sharing outfits will be helpful for those who need to update their wardrobe.

This slim fit graphic tee could be a spring/summer favorite because it’s lightweight. Since it’s white, it’s so easy to style with anything – dark denim, white denim, skirts, and shorts. I bought the extra small for reference and fits well (not too wide or too long). As far the white jeans, they fit SO good. They compliment the lower body (aka the butt), I would consider purchasing twice…but maybe in a different style. Took me so long to find white jeans I truly love…glad that search is over. Cannot wait to style them with other tops later this summer!

That’s a wrap for today! In case you missed yesterday’s giveaway deets, I’ll link that blog post here. To those who have entered, thank YOU!!! I really appreciate your support. I hope you have a lovely weekend. I plan to have a little picnic with Jose tomorrow, will share deets over IG stories if you want to see where I end up choosing the location 😉


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