Christmas Decoration Ideas for Home

Very excited to share Christmas inspiration for your home this holiday season!!! This blog post contains every single thing I used to decorate our #sojohome dining space – we are not even close to finishing buuuuut it’s a start. Below linked is every item (and then some) included on the collage. If you keep scrolling, you’ll find additional things I wasn’t able to include on the collage due to space. Let’s get into it!

Christmas Decoration Ideas:
  1. Christmas Tree – We are planning to put up the Christmas tree this Sunday. Once it’s up, I plan to link all of the new Christmas ornaments I plan to purchase this year. I am not quite sure what colors we are going with but I have a strong feeling we will go with white and gold this year. (Surprise, surprise, haha.) I linked the exact Christmas tree we purchased last year. (Btw – how are some Christmas trees over $1K?!?!? They’re pricey and I never paid attention to this before!)
  2. Ice/Bottle Bucket – If you host parties, you need a large bucket to hold ice/bottles. It comes in handy for parties (especially when people bring extra bottles) because of limited fridge space. I love a good sturdy brass bucket to match the rest of my home aesthetic.
  3. Bottle Brush Christmas Tree – I wasn’t sold on these little bottle brush trees at first, I thought they looked a little flimsy and not sturdy enough. However, after scouting for the perfect ones, I found some I loved. Don’t know how these would come in shipped, however, go to your local Target and handpick yours before they’re sold out! They look adorable on the bar cart and only $5 for the small trees and $15 for the largest tree.
  4. Monogrammed Stocking – Love our monogrammed stockings. They come in green, ivory, and red. If you don’t have kids, get creative with the letters! We spelled out “sojo” (for Sonia and Jose) and hung them on our Merry Christmas stocking holder. (It holds up to four stockings.)
  5. Metal Standing Deer – I have two of these and have moved these fellas twice, lol. I can’t decide where to place them. Anyway, Pottery Barn could’ve fooled me and I would’ve paid $35 each for these. I actually found these metal deer at Target and were $15 each. Pretty sweet price for something that is made of good quality. They feel sturdy and match my other decorations. (I may have to buy the one sitting down – I’ll link that one here.)
  6. Bar Cart – I’ve shared our bar cart before on this blog post. All I have to say is it can really spruce up the home any time of the year! I love our bar cart. Can’t wait to put it to good use during our Friendsgiving gathering! Btw – it comes in brass and polished nickel. I’ve listed the matching barware below:

10. Garland – Great find that is perfect for the dining table! I went with something a little pricer (it costs $90) because of its quality. I don’t mind spending a little more $$$ if it means it will last longer and look better, which has been the theme ever since we became homeowners.

11. Small White Vase – I think this little white vase looks more expensive than what it was. It wasn’t that bad, it was $25 and it looks very nice on the kitchen island.

12. Large White Vase – This one is a real statement on the kitchen island as well. I added three faux white berry branches and LOVE how it looks!

13. Berry Napkin Ring – Adorable little accent piece that adds oomph to the dining table.

14. Wine decanter – Where are my wine lovers at?!? You get why you should have a wine decanter. 😉

15. Candle – This little baby is only $5 and adds character to the bar cart! I love this little candle. It smells good and also comes in various scents/colors. (Perfect for gift giving too!)

16. Brass Vase – We purchased this vase last year and I still love it. It is great statement piece in the dining room. If you’re looking for something similar, I highly recommend this one. The height is 20.5″, it’s sturdy, heavyweight, easy to keep clean, and matches other brass details in the home.

17. Gold Coupe Glass – This coupe glass comes in gold and silver. Perfect for the holiday season. I currently have two sitting on the bar cart to match with the other Christmas decor.

18. Marble & Brass Cheese Knives – Couldn’t have found better marble/brass cheese knives! If you love them, hurry because they’re on sale for $24! (Reg. price is $40) They’re sturdy af, feel real nice, and look even better in person.

19. Marble Round Cheese Board – Elegant for any event.

20. White Lamp – This white ceramic lamp has a hint of brass, which I believe balances well with all of the brass and dark wood finishes in the dining space.

21. Brass Coasters – Essentials – you need them. (Well, I mean, everyone needs coasters in the home, especially when you want to take care of your furniture.)

22. Christmas Tree Candles – So happy I found these before they sold out! Nice touch to the dining table and I plan to light them up at some point too. They come in a few sizes so mix and match as you please.

23. Merry Christmas Stocking Holder – This $30 find was from last year so I am happy to see it in stock this year again! Grab yours while it’s still in stock.

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Well, that is wrap on todays post on these Christmas Decorations Ideas for the Holiday Season. If you have any questions , please don’t hesitate to email me at or shoot a message on Instagram. I would be happy to help.

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