Gifts for the Wine Lover

So you know you have a wine lover on your Christmas list…now what?!? Today, on ze blog, I am sharing my top finds for that wine lover. (Honestly, I may have written this blog post selfishly because I am very guilty of loving my wine.) It was hard narrowing down my top finds because I found so many cool gems. I’ll just have to share them under different categories soon. Anyway, let’s dive into my picks!

Gift guide for the wine lover:
  1. Gold Dip Wine CarafeWhen I grow up, I want to own a lot of pretty dinnerware sets. On the real, this gold dip carafe is so beautiful, I cannot believe it’s only $40. I think this would make a lovely gift paired with two (or four) glasses of wine that also have the gold rim. I’ll link those here. Each wine glass is $15. Perfect gift for a brand new homeowner (or just the girly girl who loves all things gold.)
  2. Ice Mold for Bottles – This is at the very top of my personal list. As someone who enjoys hosting parties, I need this. It’s freaking genius and I cannot believe I never came across it before. It’s an ice mold that is used to create a wine bottle chiller. Imagine the things you can throw in the mold?!? I mean, talk about hostess with the mostest.
  3. Silicone Wine Glasses – These silicone wine tumblers are perfect for picnics, the beach, barbecues, etc. They’re dishwasher safe and can be taken anywhere without worrying about the glass breaking. Seriously, you can fold them and put them in your pocket for that tailgate. (Well, once we have tailgates again.) Anyway, this set of four is only $14. My favorite part? The white color. I love a good basic cup.
  4. Wood and Marble Wine Coaster – We actually need this so we can stop placing bottles of wine on our monogrammed drink coasters that have wood on them. This coaster is meant for wine bottles and it is made of real wood and marble. The cost? $20. The reviews? 20 5-star reviews.
  5. Marble Wine Cooler – Another great find for only $40! Real wood, real marble.
  6. Wine Tote – I think this is by far the easiest mom hack, lol! Wine and baby toys all in one bag, wine not?!? Anyway, this baby comes in various colors and has over 500 positive reviews. Highly recommend this wine tote for Christmas!
  7. Bags for Wine Bottles – The striped bag is $27 and fits up to four bottles of wine. The smaller bag is $14 and fits one bottle of wine. Both seem very functional and have great reviews! I wouldn’t mind getting one of these for Christmas – hint, hint. I am always taking bottles of wine loosely to places and it would be nice to have a dedicated bag for just wine bottles.
  8. Glass Wine Bucket – I picked this bucket because it’s clear and goes with any themed-kitchen! I appreciate attention to detail so unless you know what your wine lover likes, clear/neutral is a good way to go!
  9. Black Glass Wine Tumblers – I think these black luxurious glass tumblers are perfect for the person who loves and appreciates sleek and modern design. If you click to watch the video on the listing, you’ll see the beautiful box they come in.
  10. Rosé Wine Glasses – Oh, you know, just another wish list item. I love the subtle hint of pink of these wine glasses.
  11. Wine Bottle Opener – This electric wine opener is one of few that I’ll be linking below. This one comes in a gift box and has great reviews! The gold one linked below is the one I have and love! (Last year for Christmas, I gifted a few electric wine bottle openers and were a hit! I’ll link the one I gave to my cousins here.)
  12. Mug and Wine Tumbler – If you know someone in the medical field, and could use a little humor, and loves wine, this could probably bring a smile to their face on Christmas Day 😉 I’ll link a few more options below for those in other industries too!
  13. Rose Gold Stainless Steel Wine Glasses – I found these to be cute, especially for someone who loves pink/rose gold details. If I lived alone, aka wasn’t married, I would totally have these in my kitchen. (We have a neutral aesthetic in the kitchen, otherwise, you know I’d purchase them.)
  14. Last, but not least, I found a few essentials for that wine lover. I think they will come in handy at some point in their lives!
    • Wine Removing Towelettes – Yep, to remove red wine stains. I’ve used these before and worked like a charm! They’re on sale for $4!!!
    • Wine Condoms – Yep, to seal those unfinished bottles of wine! This gift would be fun to watch getting unwrapped at a white elephant game, hehe. Watch out, fam.
    • Wine Night Kit – A fun little wine kit that includes the following essentials: wineglass marker, two coasters, 3 wine-removing towelettes, one pair of socks, 3 gold-toned wine stoppers, and 1 gold-toned corkscrew.
    • Wine Markers – Buying these in time for Friendsgiving this year. Nobody will have to worry about drinking from the wrong glass. I also found these for $7 on Amazon.

Well, that is wrap on todays post on these top finds for the wine lovers. If you have any questions , please don’t hesitate to email me at or shoot a message on Instagram. I would be happy to help.

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