Bachelorette Party Decorations

Bachelorette Party Decoration Ideas

Planning a bachelorette trip in a different state is quite tricky. Although with the help of amazing ladies, anything is possible. Today, on, I am sharing the bachelorette party decorations we used to deck out the room to surprise my sister this past weekend. I have to say, she was pretty pissed we took so long, LOL! Buuuuut, we didn’t budge. She had to wait and learn to be patient. (Sorry not sorry, sis.)

As badly as I want to get into the nitty gritty details on how to actually pull this off, I want to focus on the actual decorations. I am going to save the nitty gritty deets for tomorrow’s blog post.

The inspiration for the decorations came from thinking of her wedding theme and location of the bachelorette party celebration. Her wedding is going to be all-white, very crisp and clean, with a touch of greenery, and a hint of maroon. And since we planned to spend our time at wineries, it was only appropriate to include rosé (you know, the champagne) as part of the theme. Therefore, the colors of the decorations ended up being a mix of white, rose gold, blush, and a hint of green.

Bachelorette Party Decorations
Bachelorette Party Decorations
Bridal Party Gifts

Bachelorette Party Decor Essentials

Below linked are the essentials used to create the balloon design shown in the photos above 😉 And huge shoutout to my amazing sister-in-law who made the balloon garland. I mean…talk about talent! She’s incredibly patient for these things and couldn’t be more grateful for that. She made it look so easy.

So besides heavy duty tape, scissors, and ribbon, you are going to need:

  • Champagne Bottle Balloon Kit: I was impressed with this little kit. It included everything needed to create a beautiful garland. The vendor even shipped extra champagne bottle balloons, which was a cool surprise!
  • 36″ Big Balloons: I love a dramatic effect so these white balloons were a must! I used ribbon that resembled green leaves, which I thought was a nice touch compared to using plain white ribbon.
  • Rose Gold & White Balloons: I actually wanted to use helium on some of these extra balloons, however, we pretty much used most of the helium on the big white balloons (mentioned above), and my sister was running low on patience, lol! Instead, we blew them up and sprinkled them throughout the room and beds.
  • Rose Gold Bride-to-be Balloon Sign: I think a bride-to-be balloon sign is a must for every bachelorette party. Makes for a great backdrop and reminds everyone who’s party it actually is! (Kidding! 😉 Well, sort of.) I also found a silver one I really liked – I’ll link it here too.
  • Helium Tank: This little sucker will be required for those 36″ white balloons.
  • Electric Balloon Pump: I hate myself for just finding out about this sucker – seriously. If you love birthdays, and decorating, please do yourself a favor and purchase this pump right now. I promise you will not regret it.

Gifts for the Girls

I decided to gift the girls a bunch of goodies that I thought would be essential during the trip. I purchased cute little floral bags and filled them with: wine wipes for the teeth, a hand sanitizer, a small loofah, snacks, electrolyte packets, face mask, a white headband, a mini scope bottle, makeup remover wipes, a cute blush penis straw, a champagne bottle, I mean maybe a little too much, lol!

Anyway, if you want to do something similar and gift essential things, think of what you girls will be doing during your time together. Personalization is everything. For example, if you are having a sleepover (or slumber) party, perhaps consider face masks, nail polish kits, petite sparkling wine bottles, snacks, gum, makeup remover wipes, cute blush penis straws, you get the idea. The point is, purchase goodies that they will find useful. There is nothing more thoughtful than getting a tiny bottle of scope because you forgot to pack yours, know what I mean? Below I linked a few of the things I included in the gift bags, including a few different options similar to those I purchased.

Gifts for the Bride

OK, OK, so I totally forgot to take photos of us in our cute pjs but if you can picture four girls in matching green and floral pjs, you can probably imagine how cute that looked! Since this was our idea, we purchased the bride-to-be’s pajama set. On top of that, we each gifted her cute/sexy underwear BUT we didn’t label our gifts so she could try to guess who gave her what. (Can you imagine…she couldn’t guess who gave her what!!! There was only three of us…guess she doesn’t know us very well, lol!) We also purchased champagne bottles and personalized each one using champagne bottle stickers. The stickers were a mix of insider jokes and cute bachelorette party sayings.

Below I linked the exact pjs we ordered along with a few extra options. I also linked cute white boxes, blush tissue paper, and pink tulle to wrap the bride’s gifts. (Was it psycho of me to ask the girls to match our wrapping too?!?)

Personalized Champagne Bottle

I know how stressful it can be to plan a bachelorette party so I really hope this blog post helps narrow down the bachelorette party shopping list. If you have any questions about the bachelorette party decorations, please never hesitate on reaching out via email at or by sending a dm on Instagram.

Also, if you missed yesterday’s blog post, I shared one of the dresses I wore during the trip. Click here to read all about it 😉

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  1. Thanks so much for talking about your experience with a balloon-decorated party. My friend is getting married soon and he wants to decorate the venue with balloons to have the event feel more fun and relaxed. He’s been looking into finding some professionals to help him plan out and create the decorations for the venue.

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