Top Five Posts in May 2020

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I spent mine in Dallas celebrating the little sister’s birthday. It was a nice getaway and a great time with the fam bam.

I normally share the top five blog posts from the previous month during the first week of the new month, however, I delayed it a bit this month. I do this to help those with crazy schedules. I know life is hectic so this is my way of giving you the scoop.

Here are the top five posts in May:
  1. May Giveaway Deets – Thank you to those who entered last month’s giveaway! It was actually the first giveaway of the year. The winner was randomly selected (selection process was shared through IG stories). I would love to do another giveaway this summer so stay tuned as I begin to brainstorm fresh ideas.
  2. Strawberry Mint Margarita – Guys, if you have yet to try this recipe, you are missing out on a helluva margarita.
  3. Changing Gears: A Journey of Discovery – To find out how I flipped the script on one of the hardest years of my professional career, this one is for you.
  4. Tips for the First Time Homebuyer – The title says it all. If you are about to purchase a home, or plan to in the near future, I compiled a list of tips for you.
  5. Our Home Buying Experience – I finally opened up about our home buying experience. I covered details about the whole thing so if you are curious about what went down, check it out.

That’s a wrap for tonight. Here’s to a productive week ahead. I am excited to do a try on haul later this week – more about this here.

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