Tips for Hanging Heavy Items in the Home

Happy, happy Tuesday! Hope you had a wonderful day! I am loving this week because we (the company I work for) have officially completed our fiscal year (meaning it’s like Dec. 31st) – and tomorrow is my Friday! (Thursday AND Friday are company holidays for the 4th of July!!!) So happy we cleaned our patio last weekend so we can actually kick back and enjoy it this weekend.

On top of spending this past weekend cleaning the outdoor terrace, we hung a few things, and organized the office space. The few tips that I shared through Instagram stories, are now pinned to my highlights for future reference (under home tips). I figured the best way to capture all of the tips was through this blog post.

First of all, who knew hanging those darn metal brass frames would be so complicated? Ahem, me. Yep, I actually knew how hard it would be because of the reviews. I’ll share the piece later but if you want to take a quick look for yourself now, you can click here. Two hundred misplaced holes later, we figured out the mathematics and measurements to hang the frames.

While there are SO many techniques (and tools) used to hang heavyweight pieces, I am sharing what we used to hang our metal brass frames. As always, please do your own research and determine what best fits your needs.

Tape Measure – Welcome to hanging frames 101, if you don’t own a tape measure, here is one I found and it is only $16! The tape lengths vary – 12 ft. to 35 ft. (The 35 ft. tape costs $16.)

Mechanical Pencil and Plastic Eraser – Please learn from our past mistakes and use a pencil for marking the walls. The mistakes were super easy to erase too! (Well, at least on our white drywall.) By the way, these plastic erasers are everything! They work SO well.

Ladder – I think every homeowner needs a ladder in their home – just saying’! I linked the exact ladder we own, and I must note, it is lightweight…I have no issues carrying it up and down the stairs.

Digital Box Level with Case – The version we have is quite old but that should tell you something about its quality (and value). Guys, tools are not cheap but I understand why. They’re meant to last for a very long time. They’re incredibly functional and they don’t go out of style. I mean, yes, newer product versions are released, but still…you get what I mean. This level will save you from headaches. If you are extra picky, and love to know if things are hung perfectly straight, you need this tool. Click here for a budget friendly version.

Dril Bit Set – Jose used one of these bits to create the hole in the wall. I read the reviews, and apparently, these drill bits will get through brick, and other hard surfaces as well. Incredibly reliable for such task.

Makita Set (Hammer Drill and Impact Driver) – Umm…I just want to say I am thankful for my handy dandy husband, LOL. That’s all. JK, JK, listen ladies, this set is an essential for any home. I highly recommend to make the investment as it will become useful to hang pictures, frames, art wall, etc. This Makita set makes an AWESOME gift as well. (Ahem, Christmas is basically around the corner.)

Plastic Anchor Pack – There are plenty of packs to choose from, even metal anchors. Pick one that best suits your needs. 🙂 Quick side note on using anchors, you want to ensure you drill a hole size proportionate to the anchor size. You don’t want it too big or too small, the anchor will break if it’s too tight, or slide out if it’s too big. Also, we used a hammer to push in the anchor.

Multi-bit Screwdriver – We used a screwdriver to screw in the actual metal frame. It would have been impossible to use the impact driver due to the metal frame design and we were also careful about not breaking the plastic anchor.

I hope you find this blog post useful as you begin to think about your next wall installation. Also, it is NOT too late to fix those holes you made from previous installations! If you have any questions, let me know. I am not the expert in this department but the hubby is 😉

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