10 Basic Principles for Living a Fulfilling Life

Principles for Living a Fulfilling Life

There is a lot of people who live day to day, which is fine for most people, but what if, what if somehow you uncovered just a bit more than living an ordinary life? A fulfilling life, one that is full of pure love, peace, and bliss. Today, on mrsprofresh.com, I am sharing 10 basic principles for living a fulfilling life. These are principles I’ve learnt throughout the last 15 years of my life. I hope they positively impact your life and lead you to living a fulfilling life too.

  1. Let go of the past.
    • The past does not exist. Therefore, it is no longer real. Leave the past where it belongs, behind you as you proceed to move forward in life. Instead, let the past serve you as important life lessons. There is nothing more freeing than living for the present moment. The moment you’re currently in. To learn about my daily intentional practices on how to live in the present moment, check out this blog post.
  2. Forgive and move on.
    • I strongly believe that if you hold on to anger, or disappointment, it could manifest in other forms of pain, whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional pain. You are only hurting yourself by holding on to negative emotions, and if you ask me, I don’t think there’s anything worth being upset about when it comes to my personal wellbeing. Trust me – I understand how hard this can be. I’ve also been hurt by people close to me, however, letting go of my pride (and ego) was the best decision I made during those tough circumstances.
  3. Take care of the one body you were given.
    • Why is it easy to take care of others but somehow forget to take care of ourselves? We were all given one body and must prioritize it by nourishing it with the necessary nutrients, vitamins, water, physical movement, and much needed rest, in order for it to restore itself. The best thing you can do is to be proactive about your wellbeing because health is wealth.
  4. Nurture the soul.
    • Not only is it important to prioritize the physical body but you must also prioritize the spirit, or the soul. What are the things that move your spirit? Do more of that. Personally, I love immersing myself in nature. I truly believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience – thanks to Dr. Wayne Dyer because he taught me a lot through his spiritual teachings.
  5. Surround yourself with people who are uplifting, honest, and encouraging.
    • The people you surround yourself with have a lot of impact on your life whether you believe this to be true or not. This is why you must choose wisely on who enters your inner circle because they will either uplift you, or bring you down. When it comes to relationships, always choose quality over quantity. I think that’s a basic life principle everyone in their late 20s comes to realize at some point.
  6. Stop worrying about the things you cannot control.
    • This one is pretty straightforward. Guys – life is already challenging, why add more unnecessary anxiety and pressure by worrying about the things out of our control? There is absolutely no point. Please stop wasting precious time and energy on circumstances beyond our reach. Instead, let us learn to manifest the things we do want to happen. The Universe, God, a High Power has our back. We are meant to live a fulfilling, happy, joyous, healthy, and loving life. If you want to learn more about manifestation, I highly encourage you read Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne Dyer, he covers a specific technique for retraining your subconscious mind, which leads you to become the person you were destined to be.
  7. Say no to distractions.
    • This is where I am going to say – it is okay to be selfish with your time in order to focus on becoming the best version of yourself. How are you going to show up for others and not show up for yourself? When you show up for yourself, and focus on becoming a better person, you show up for others in the best way possible too. What I am saying is, you cannot pour from an empty cup. Fill up your cup with goodness before pouring yourself into others.
  8. Let go of people who no longer serve you.
    • Why hold on to people who have hurt you? Or why stay in relationships (or friendships) you have outgrown? It is okay to walk away from those relationships, especially if it is for the sake of your mental health. I know this is tough, I have been there. However, it is possible to walk away. And this has nothing to do with ego, or pride, it has everything to do with what is best for you and your future. After all, you want to surround yourself with people with who are uplifting, honest, and encouraging.
  9. Do more of what you love.
    • Notice I said – do more of what you love, not “Do only what you love”. This is because I believe we all have to do things we don’t necessarily love but for whatever reason, must do them. However, if you have a job you absolutely dislike, and know it’s not where you belong, take action now. It doesn’t have to be related to a job, it could be a relationship, or a certain situation, plan for a strategic exit. Life is too short to waste time and energy on things, or people, we don’t see a future with.
  10. Love yourself first.
    • Last, but certainly not least, the number one ingredient to living a fulfilling life is to love yourself first. There is nothing more important than to value and love yourself so fiercely, it’s impossible for anyone, or anything, to distract you from this ongoing project. You are the best project you’ll ever work on and you’ll thank yourself for this once you begin to tap in to a fulfilling, happy, peaceful, and loving life. I know this because I am currently living it. No, it wasn’t easy, nothing is easy. But it sure as hell was worth it. And listen – this is an ongoing project, a lifelong mission. It’s constant work on oneself, but over time, I have found it’s almost effortless. I think this happens when you are in a state of flow with life, the Universe, God, the Higher Power.

Well, that’s a wrap my sweet friend. I truly hope you’ve discovered something within this blog post that spoke to your heart. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or insight, please email me at sonia@mrsprofresh.com. You can also send a DM on Instagram or comment below on this blog post. I love hearing from you!

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