Top Five Posts in May 2019

Happy, happy June! Hope you are off to a great start this month! Summer vacations are just around the corner so there is plenty of excitement in the air. As for us, we have one more trip before our wedding anniversary trip in July. AND I AM PRETTY STOKED.

Before we dive into the five most viewed blog posts in May, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome new readers. Your support means a lot and appreciate you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my blog.

Last month was pretty cray! Everything happened way too fast – my sister’s baby shower, Mother’s Day, Jose’s birthday, NYC, and my birthday. I cannot complain, it was a wonderful month. The blog also broke a new record, I’ll share more below!

The purpose of this post is to narrow down the top five posts in May 2019. I just started doing this last month, click here to read the top posts in April. These monthly posts are created to help you catch up with the most viewed content. On that note, the top five posts in May 2019 were:

  1. Mental Health Awareness Month: Mayra’s Story
    • May was Mental Health Awareness Month. I collaborated with my little sister on creating blog posts revolving around mental health. This is a topic we are both passionate about and could not think of a better person to do this with. She is currently in graduate school in the process of becoming a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology. God willing, she will finally graduate in May 2020. Her personal story broke record with over 350+ views on the first day! By the second day, her story reached over 500 people and continues to be read. We were overwhelmed with the outpouring support from our loved ones. It feels amazing to have raised awareness around an important cause most people are not comfortable speaking about.
  2. One-Piece Swimsuit Picks
    • For adorable one-piece swimsuits, find out which ones were selected! My goal was to find stylish, attainable, and good coverage swimsuits.
  3. Mental Health Awareness Month
    • This was the first post from the mental health series. It is filled with general mental health information, statistics, and resources.
  4. Profresh Friday Picks
    • The candy striped shirt is sold out but the sleek blazer is not! As a matter of fact, it is currently 25% off.
  5. Conquering My Mind
    • For an impactful podcast episode, I highly recommend reading this post. I promise you will not regret your time in reading it or listening to the actual podcast episode.

Well, that is a wrap for tonight! I must get back to organizing the rest of this week’s content. Wishing you a happy and successful week!

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