Top Five Posts in July 2020

Today, on the blog, I am breaking down the top five posts in July. In case you are new to the blog, I write these blog posts for my busy people. The intention is to help you by letting you know which blog posts had the most views from the previous month. I am aware of the fact we are constantly bombarded with information so I hope this serves as a nice quick summary of what’s happening on the blog.

Having said that, let’s jump into the top five posts in July 2020!

  • Our Rooftop Patio Furniture Set
    • The amount of positive feedback this patio set has received has been amazing! I know it’s not the cheapest set in the market but I cannot complain because it still looks brand new. It has gone through rain, thunderstorms, and high winds without furniture covers. (For some reason, they didn’t customize furniture covers for this set. I plan to order some through Amazon though.) Looking forward to the fall season so I can actually enjoy the rooftop during the day without melting away like my real candles. (We were dumb and left real candles up there only to find them partially melted – so embarrassing, lol! Like who does that?!? Us. We do that.)
  • Fresh Friday Finds: 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
    • Ok, ok, so if you are not aware of this sale, and you are on the market for updating your fall/winter wardrobe, I highly encourage you to look into this sale. I also round up my favorite finds on this blog post so don’t miss out on the items I plan to wear later this year!
  • What I Wore: A Peachy Maxi Dress
    • This dress comes in four colors: white/beige, peach, red, and black. For some reason, the retailer displays most of them as “sold out”, however, if you click on any of the “sold out” colors, you will notice a lot of the sizes are still available. I would just update the zip code to see if the dress of your choice is available at a store near you since most are not available for shipping (Why? I don’t know. So weird!) Anyway, I believe this type of dress is a classic staple for spring/summer. Meaning, two or three years from now, I am still going to be wearing this dress. The quality is good, which gives me the confidence to say that!
  • The Perfect Accessory for Entertaining: A Bar Cart
    • Only the cutest signature staple in our kitchen/dining area. I love my bar cart! I cannot wait to deck it out as the seasons change. I shared all of the entertaining accessories on this blog post too! By the way, should I write a blog post on entertaining/hosting?
  • Need a New Planner? I Have a Suggestion or Two!
    • This is a new planner I am currently trying for 2020 – 2021. I am making it work because I customized the darn thing, but I will be honest, I don’t love it. I wish the cover was sturdy, it’s paper-like and it feels cheap. I prefer a sturdy hardcover because this thing is meant to last a full year and I am not sure how it will hold up. (I was also transparent about this on the actual blog post!) Anyway, I’ll keep you updated. Other than that, it contains the content I wish in every planner. It also has a nice layout, which I do appreciate. If you are in search of a planner, and need suggestions, I shared my favorite brands on this blog post too!

Well, that’s a wrap for today! If you have any questions about anything I’ve shared, simply shoot me an email at, comment on this blog post, or DM me on Instagram. I always respond to your messages 😉

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