Top Five Posts in July 2019

Happy Sunday!!! Hope you are having a wonderful morning so far! If you are a new reader, welcome. Every month, I share the top five posts from the previous month. I am a little late in sharing July’s top five blog posts, but hey, better late than never. July was known as “love month” and I shared various topics around marriage/wedding. I did it last year and enjoyed it so much so I stuck to the theme again this year!

On that note, here were the top five blog posts last month:

  1. Whittington bridal picks – This was one of my top three favorite things that happened in July! I shared details about the bridal shop I purchased my wedding gown from, selected my top picks, and took you on a little tour! In case you missed the action, you can watch the IGTV video here. I love that I now have two Whittington Bridal sisters in my family (both of my cousins purchased their gown from here too). A third one may be in the making…
  2. White on white summer combo – I knew this little number would be a favorite. It isn’t too late to grab your white on white summer combo either! Girl – the top is $5 and the pants are on clearance! JUMP. ON. IT. OHHH – did I mention it’s tax free weekend?!? How perfffff.
  3. If you are not doing this…you should be – I am so happy you girls are interested in this topic – finances. I know it isn’t the most excited thing to talk about (I mean, for some people) but it is super important! Whether you’re single or married, this applies to every person. I highly encourage you to read it in case you haven’t. (Proud moment when my little sister opened her high yield savings account.)
  4. Tote handbag picks – Well, well, well, I had no clue this one would be a top five blog post, but hey, I guess it makes sense since school is about to start! I wonder if handbags are tax free…hmm. Anyway, all of my picks are still available but some colors are already sold out! Grab yours while they’re still in stock!
  5. Second year wedding anniversary – Heading to Napa Valley anytime soon?!? This is your guide! I share details about our second year wedding anniversary trip, everything you need to know to plan for an amazing time!

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day! I am off to planning and organizing content for the upcoming weeks! Thank you so much for reading, xoxo.

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