Michael Kors Faux-Fur-Trim Puffer Coat

Here to share something that will not be going out of style in the near future, puffer coats. I live in Houston…we really don’t need puffer coats. As a matter of fact, I had to eventually get rid of all the coats I owned during my college years. I went to college about 30 minutes south of Oklahoma so I definitely experienced snow, ice, and the like. I guess a warm jacket is enough for Houston during the winter. But a puffer coat? It may be a little too much.

Around October last year, we knew we would travel to two different cities during the winter – New York and Salt Lake City. Since we did not own anything other than light jackets and sweaters, we were on a mission during the Black Friday sales. And guess who hit the jackpot with a Michael Kors coat?


MK Puffer Coat

This Michael Kors puffer coat was everything I was looking for: olive color, semi-long length, quality faux fur, cinched waist, and gold details. Ladies, if you are traveling to a place with colder temperatures sometime this year, add this baby to your wish list, and purchase it as soon as the end-of-February or beginning-March sales occur! I bought mine for $140 and it is currently $190 (retail price is $330). If you ask me, Black Friday deals are the real deal, especially if you are on the hunt for a specific (and needed) item.

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