Happy New Year – 2019!

Happy, Happy New Year! And just like that, it is the beginning of a brand new year! Houston Rodeo is practically tomorrow…well no, not really, but the lineup is released tomorrow!!! And for some reason, I cannot wait! I convinced (or did I?) Jose to take me this year. Here is to hoping Drake is performing.

I think this is the seventh year I write my goals in my planner to help me remember of the promises I made to myself. I highly recommend you do the same. There is something powerful about writing your goals on paper. Yes, I believe there is a lot more that goes into actually reaching your goals, but I think this is a good first step.

The reason I write down my goals is because I hold myself accountable through weekly, monthly, or quarterly checks. Also, when I am feeling uninspired or unmotivated, I go to the section in my planner where my goals are written and remind myself of the big dreams planted in my heart. On those days, I take at least 30 minutes to meditate, daydream, and envision myself accomplishing every single goal. These steps help me find that spark to keep on going.

This year, you can expect more sharing on the blog and YouTube channel with the intention of providing value in the areas of traveling, lifestyle and fashion. Please chime in with topics you’d like to see or read about. I am all ears.

On that note, here is a list of the changes/goals I am focusing on this year:

  1. As of January 7th, I will give up alcohol for 62 days. I hope this does not make me sound like an alcoholic!
  2. This year, I will work on my best beach body yet.
  3. This year, I am focused on my blog more than ever before.
  4. This year, I am determined on spending more time in Houston.
  5. This year, I am eating less cheese – I will only make the exception of eating it on the weekends.
  6. This year, I am reading one book per month minimum.
  7. This year, I will push for more Texas road trips.
  8. This year, I am determined on reading the bible.
  9. This year, I am becoming more present and intentional.
  10. This year, I am traveling to South America.

Next weekend, I am working on my vision board. I will hang it on the back of my closet door to serve as a daily reminder to kick ass every single day. I am pretty excited since I have not done one since college!!! Stay tuned for more on that.

If I could choose one thing for you to take away from this post is, write down your goals tonight. You will not regret doing this, I promise. I wish you a year full of grace, happiness, strength, prosperity, purity, growth, and an abundance of LOVE! Thank you so much for reading and once again, happy new year!

Ps. My sister-in-law took this picture in NYC while at Chelsea Market! I thanked her for supporting my dream of becoming a full-time blogger afterwards, LOL! She is awesome for being patient with me. I took pictures at every corner; NYC Guide coming to the blog this month!

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year – 2019!

  1. Thank you for the inspiration, Shirley! Loved reading this. Many blessings to you and Jose this year.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Marianne! ❤️ Since day one, you’ve been a supporter and couldn’t feel more grateful for you. Tell Steve and the kids hello!

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