Happy New Year – 2020!

Happy 2020!!! Cheers to the beginning of a new decade!!! I am SO excited for my goals this year! I have yet to complete my vision board, but other than that, I’ve already jotted them down in my planner.

It is currently Sunday evening and I am on my bed with a heat pad against my back. It isn’t the hottest start (actually – this heating pad is pretty freaking hot) to the new year. If you follow along on IG stories, you know I injured my back at the gym yesterday. It was not pleasant. I hope this pain is temporary so here’s to a quick recovery.

If you missed last year’s summary, I’ll link it here. I basically shared the top ten blog posts from 2019 and a bit on what to expect this year. I wanted to expand more on what to expect this year so I figured this was the perfect blog post to share! A few of my 2020 blog goals include:

  • Organize a girls retreat this summer (somewhere cool, obviously)
  • Host a meet up in May for Mental Health Awareness Month
  • Volunteer myself as a personal shopper for any girl who desires the help (it’ll be a fun girls day)

I also intend on sharing blog posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I already lined up January’s topics, and apparently, there’s a lot on my mind this month (lol) so I’ll be posting more than three times per week on some weeks.

Well, I hope you are just as excited as I am for this year! Looking forward to taking these online relationships offline. I’ll be sharing more details through blog posts and IG stories so stay tuned, especially if you want to take part in these memories.

Here’s to a new year and decade! I pray nothing but greatness, wellness, abundance, and love for you! I KNOW we are going to kick ass this year. I feel it in my veins. Always know I am rooting and cheering for you all the way from Houston! Never hesitate on reaching out via email or IG DM’s for anything.

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