Top 10 in 2019

Wow! What a year! I know it’s not quite over yet but I want to share these words now because I have an exciting thing to share before the year actually ends!

I’ve said it more than once, and I’ll continue to say it, I am SO THANKFUL for 2019. I have enjoyed every step of the way. My heart is seriously filled with gratitude.

Thank YOU for being a part of my blogging journey. Thank YOU for hanging out with me through IG stories. Thank YOU for also sharing and letting me into your life! I know we consume a lot of information in one day, and ultimately a personal choice to follow along, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

For the past several months, I shared the top five blog posts with the most views to basically “give the juice” to my busy gals. It was my way of helping you sort through all of the published blog posts from the previous month because I know how busy life gets. Since they appeared to be helpful, I will continue to do the same in 2020. (Woot, woot!)

All in all, it was a wonderful year of growth for the blog! My husband (blog partner and supporter) and I finally got the hang of each other when it came to shooting outfits! (It wasn’t easy at first.) I grew my community by more than double – the more, the merrier. One of our photos made it to Target’s digital ads (still hard to believe this). Another photo made it to Target Style’s Instagram feed (this was pretty freaking cool). I interviewed for a local publisher to share more about my blog (what a great opportunity). My little sister and I collaborated in May for Mental Health Awareness month (cannot wait to see how this unfolds in 2020) and reached hundreds of people through her story. It was an incredible year to say the least.

Having said that, below is a list of the blog posts with the most views in 2019. I think it’s an interesting mix of topics…

  1. Mental Health Awareness Month: Mayra’s Story
    • Mayra – you are an incredible young lady and feel blessed to have you as a little sister. Thank you for using this platform to share your struggles with anxiety and depression. I know this wasn’t easy but you overcame that fear and replaced it with courage. Because of the positive impact of this topic, and ultimately an amazing benefit to our community, we will expand on this subject next year. I will share more as details are finalized.
  2. My Q&A with Voyage Houston
    • It’s crazy to see how far this blog has come – all thanks to you! This blog post shares my interview with Voyage Houston, a local publisher. I share why I started this blog in the first place.
  3. It’s Down Syndrome Awareness Month
    • This is another sweet collaboration I did with my sweet friend in 2018. If you missed this story, it’s basically another one filled with courage and bravery. Sonia – thank you for using this platform to share Grayson’s birth story. You are an amazing mother and truly admire you!
  4. Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him
    • Well, if this isn’t a sign to continue creating and sharing gift guides, I don’t know what is. I must start thinking of gifts very soon since Valentine’s Day is around the corner.
  5. One-Piece Swimsuit Picks
    • This one made it to the top ten this year because it’s the blog post that was created to include the bathing suit that made it to Target’s digital ad! I still cannot believe it!!!!! You can bet I am looking forward to sharing top picks next year!
  6. Chic Fall Look
    • This was a favorite by most. And I know exactly why.
  7. Mezcal Mule
    • If you haven’t tried this recipe, what are you waiting for, my dear?
  8. Mel Robbins Changed my Life
    • To this day, I use her principle every single day. And that’s a fact.
  9. New York City Travel Guide
    • I am trying not to kick myself for not reminding you of this travel guide because it contained helpful information, especially for Christmastime. Oh well – will do better next year.
  10. Profresh Friday Picks
    • This blog post contained the photo that made it to Target Style’s Instagram feed and the comments had me rolling! There was a huge debate about what the print of the shirt was – haha! It was awesome.

…told ya’ it was a mix of topics! Well, to end the year with a bang, I collaborated with 29 Houston bloggers/influencers to gift one of you a Louis Vuitton speedy bag! This was a HUGE decision for me because I’ve never done a giveaway like this before. It is our way of thanking our communities for their amazing support this year! Thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOUUU! (Head over to this link to enter – best wishes!!!)

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