Guest Post: Victoria’s Go-To Beauty Products

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Hello all! Before sharing today’s go-to beauty products, I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Victoria and I’m from Bryan, TX. I am currently finishing my Marketing Degree at Texas A&M University. Whooopp!

It has been an honor to work alongside Sonia for the spring semester, and even more of a pleasure to have the opportunity to share my love for fashion and beauty through her platform.

So, today, on, I am sharing my go-to beauty products.

Skincare Favorites

Over the past few years, I have slowly begun to realize how important it is to take care of the skin. As a college student, I had to find products that fit my budget and would benefit my skin type. When I think about my go-to beauty products, I immediately think of my skincare routine. This routine is done at the beginning of each day. I like to make sure I have a clean base before applying makeup and before going to bed.

Below listed are my favorites and they’re listed in the sequence I apply each product.

  1. Neutrogena Makeup Remover – This product is only used during my night routine, so I can add an extra step to make sure I remove any heavy makeup or dirt from the day. If you have a sensitive skin, the fragrance-free wipes are a go-to!
  2. Tula Skincare Purifying Face Cleanser – This cleanser is a staple in my skincare routine. It gently removes dirt and oil without stripping my skin of its natural moisture. It also has probiotics and superfoods to help balance and nourish the skin. I promise you my skin always feels soft and refreshed after using it.
  3. Good Molecules Daily Brightening Serum – This serum is effective and affordable, and it is easy to incorporate to your routine because it can be layered with other serums and moisturizers without feeling heavy or greasy. I have dry to oily skin type, so this product is perfect!
  4. Good Molecules Silicone-Free Priming Moisturizer – What I love about this product is that its silicon-free, which avoids clogging my pores or causing it to breakout. I use this product as a base to help my makeup look smooth and stay on longer.
  5. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – After discovering this product, I have not looked for another lip balm. Even though, it’s a sleeping mask, it can be used throughout the day as a lip balm to help protect the lips from dryness and environmental stressors. And the best part is that this jar can last for months – a little goes a long way.

Makeup Favorites

Moving onto my makeup routine. I actually don’t wear as much product. However, when I do, I go for a natural look. Below you’ll see my go-to products that are light in coverage and help me achieve a natural look.

  1. Rare Beauty by Selena Tinted Moisturizer – I have only used this tinted moisturizer for a couple of months now and I am in love!! It is lightweight, sits comfortable on my skin, and it has SPF 30 to protect my skin! It’s everything!
  2. NARS Concealer – This concealer does its job! It hides blemishes, dark circles, and other imperfections on the skin. And trust me, it works.
  3. Laura Mercier Powder – For someone with oily skin, this product helps prevents excess oil/shine throughout the day!
  4. E.L.F Brow Lift – Even though I don’t fill in my brows, I do make sure to shape and define them with this product.
  5. Better Than Sex Mascara – I cannot leave my place without applying mascara! This one has been a fav of mine for the longest time!
  6. NARS Blush in Orgasm – This blush is a favorite. I love that it can be worn alone or layered over other products.
  7. Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Heat Lip Luminizer – Do you want bold and shiny lips? This lip gloss will do its job; it is a fav from her collection.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up on my go-to beauty products. I hope you enjoyed and discovered new products to try. If you have questions about a product, or a particular brand, feel free to ask. I know that I will be exploring more of Rare Beauty by Selena, especially her famous liquid blush.

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