Fresh Friday Finds: Travel Essentials

travel essentials

Today, on, I am sharing fresh Friday finds and it’s all about travel essentials. As you probably know, we are on our way to Mexico and this made me realize I hadn’t created a blog post related to the top must-haves for any type of trip.

Yes, sunglasses, a sweater, sunscreen, headphones, and a book, are all travel essentials, but let’s talk about the items no one really thinks about until it’s too late…

top travel essentials

  • Number 1 – If you have a beautiful suitcase that you would like to protect and maintain, you may benefit from a clear suitcase cover. I have used one in the past and loved how clean my suitcase stayed.
  • Number 2 – Everyone needs a travel neck pillow.
  • Number 3 – I have my eye on this 4-in-1 travel kit and best believe I plan to purchase it for my next international trip. Not only does it come with the pillow, it includes the blanket, ear plugs, and eye mask.
  • Number 4 – Having a passport holder helps me stay sane and organized. Not only do I use it for my passport, I use it to also hold my ID, credit cards, etc.
  • Number 5 – Anyone who plans to travel abroad needs a universal adapter.
  • Number 6 – I wish someone would have told me about carrying an outlet extender every time I traveled. This baby is a life saver and no one needs to fight over the outlets 😉
  • Number 7 – If you need a power bank, this one was Amazon’s top recommendation. However, I found another one that had awesome reviews, it’s the next one below.
  • Number 8 – Just for a few more dollars, you can purchase this one that has amazing reviews. The only thing people mentioned was that it was heavy so if that’s a concern, stick to number 7.
  • Number 9 – I think I plan to purchase this for Jose as one of his Christmas gifts. He is big on watching movies in the plane and always struggles on finding creative ways to hold his phone up.
  • Number 10 – If I could count how many times I wish I had a compact travel umbrella during my trips.
  • Number 11 – Listen, I rather have a portable speaker than to wish I had packed one. Whether you are going to the beach, the mountains, or the lake, a waterproof portable speaker is a must.
  • Number 12 – Love capturing moments? I’ve found that my mini Fujifilm camera always comes in clutch to capture the most candid and precious moments in my life.
  • Number 13 – Oh, and don’t forget to carry extra film 😉
  • Number 14 – A tripod is always handy instead of bothering strangers to take the photo.
  • Number 15 – Please tell me you keep your shoes separate from your clean clothes…
  • Number 16 – Here’s a second option of shoe bags.
  • Number 17 – Also, please tell me you keep your dirty underwear away from your clean clothes. If not, here’s an affordable option for laundry bags.
  • Number 18 – Here’s a second option of laundry bags.
  • Number 19 – Packing cubes were the best invention ever. I love to keep everything organized and packing cubes get the job done.
  • Number 20 – Toiletry bags are the way to keep everything else organized. I like to use plastic bags because I can easily hand-wash them in case liquids explode during the plane ride.
  • Number 21 – This is also one of those items I rather have than not to have.
  • Number 22 – Even before the pandemic, disinfectant wipes were always a top travel essential for me.
  • Number 23 – You must carry hand sanitizer…or else you might get tequila-scent hand sanitizer elsewhere.
  • Number 24 – It’s always a good idea to keep stain removers on deck because you never know when you’ll actually need them. Trust me on that one.
  • Number 25 – It’s better to have Advil than not to have it in case a headache, hangover, or some other form of pain, kicks in. Just sayin’.
  • Number 26 – I never knew how important it was to carry a first aid kit until I became an adult. It never fails – someone usually ends up needing a bandaid during a trip, and it’s never me 😉
  • Number 27 – Traveling between places exposes you to different germs, it never hurts to take Vitamin C during this timeframe. It helps keep your immune system on check!
  • Number 28 – Last, but certainly not least, PLEASE STAY HYDRATED. It’s super important for the sake of your health. These hydration powder packets help do the trick.

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Well, that’s a wrap on this week’s top travel essentials. If you have any questions, comments, or insight, please email me at You can also send a DM on Instagram or comment below on this blog post. I love hearing from you!

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