Father’s Day Gift Ideas (2019)

Father’s Day is less than one week away, and if you are still wondering what to buy the man, you’ve come to the right place.

#1 Adidas hats – There are many colors available but I displayed my top favorite three. These are freaking cute and point out one man who doesn’t love a hat in the summer. They are less than $25, perfect to combine with a workout combo and sneakers.

#2 Fossil silver watch – What a great looking watch for less than $120, this one being the most expensive out of all three options. I think this silver one makes a great gift for the man who loves to wear his slacks throughout the week or to church on Sunday morning.

#3 Fossil silicone strap watch – For less than $100, you can opt for this comfortable and laid-back style.

#4 Fossil brown leather strap watch – This little number has character and I am here for the details! I love the contrast between the face of the watch and the strap. Best part?!? It is on sale for $80.50 (currently 30% off)! I’ve been watching these Nordstrom sales and they go away fast. One day you’ll see an item on sale, and the next day, it’s back to the regular price. Do not contemplate if you love a product.

#5 Ray Ban aviator sunglasses – I would consider this style as the go-to frame for men. I don’t know about you but I believe anyone can pull off aviators. I think people look so cool in them.

#6 Lacoste shirt – I am going to keep my eye on this shirt because it was on sale last night when I finished making the collage. Unfortunately, it’s currently back to the regular price but I am still recommending this brand because of its quality and fit. Don’t believe me? Peep the reviews.

#7 Accent pillow – I thought this was an adorable neutral touch to your special man’s office space! If you and the kids are collaborating on the gift, this could be an option. It’s currently 50% off.

#8 Adidas running shoe – Jose has a similar pair and it’s his favorite shoe to walk in! I also have a similar pair and it is the most comfortable shoe I wear to run and walk long distances in. This option comes in this adorable camo pattern or a bright neon yellow color. Oh, and the price?!? Only $85, not too shabby for a good quality shoe.

#9 Adidas backpack – Ok, ok, so I think there’s an Adidas-themed blog post here…but totally didn’t plan it this way. I guess I am loving this brand lately for the men in my life (Dad and husband – calm down haha) since they both love to work out. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I am buying new gym clothes for my dad this year.

#10 Tumi wallet – I’ve blogged about this wallet before and I am resurfacing it because it truly is a great investment to protecting your man’s identity! True story. Jose was experiencing issues with people hacking into his credit/debit cards. After some research, he discovered a cardholder with radio-frequency identification (RFID) protection. He has not had any issues since then, thank God! He enjoys the simplicity and practicality of this card holder. Perfect for the simple and practical guy.

#11 Wine tote – I bet Jose is pretty relieved he isn’t a father yet. Why yes, I would buy him this wine tote to take me and the kids on a picnic. Sooooo cute!!! It even comes with a corkscrew, cheese knife and cheese board!

#12 Jack Black beard kit – If your man has a beard, I heard this is the next great thing. The price isn’t too shabby at all either. I would give it a go and see if he ends up loving it.

#13 Herschel duffle bag – Once again, a product that ties in with the man who loves to go to the gym. Perfect size for that weekend getaway too!

I know this was shared a little last minute but there’s still time to order and receive your shipment no later than Sunday, June 16th. If anything, I hope I’ve inspired you with ideas. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day!

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