Blue Maxi Striped Dress

I wore this beauty while exploring Tribeca and it couldn’t have been more perfect for the occasion!

I love the airy feel to it, the vertical stripes, color, fit and length. Wear this blue maxi striped dress during your beachy vacation as you explore the town or to a nice dinner. It is also perfect for weekend brunch, a romantic date night, church, or a special celebration. Dress it up with your favorite wedges, dressy sandals, or play it cool with your comfortable sneakers. Also, peep the flattering square neckline! For reference, I am 5’4″ and the extra small was perfect.

As far as the sandals, I have been wearing these on my trips lately, and surprisingly, they are comfortable! I didn’t know what to expect since there isn’t much cushion, but so far, so good! I sized up a full size because I thought my regular size was a little too small.

Dress | Sandals

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