Profresh Friday Picks

If I could pick a signature look for the Profresh Gal, I would say it is a chic bow collar (or bow tie) wrapped around the neck styled with a dressy blouse. Personally, the bow tie gives me a sense of confidence, empowerment, and boldness, and if you haven’t tried the look, I highly suggest to try it at least once in your lifetime.

Growing up, I always dressed up – no matter the occasion. Actually, let me rephrase that. Growing up, I was forced to wear whatever my parents bought until I was given the choice to pick what to buy and how to style it. Bye-bye khakis. No, seriously, I will never forget those long ridiculous khaki shorts that almost touched my knees.

Dressing up is an outlet to express my creativity. My mentality is, if you look good, you feel good. I strongly believe in the power our wardrobe can hold, and if we utilize that power correctly, we can manifest the persona we aspire to be. For example, I aspire to always be bold, confident, strong, brave, daring, the list could go on and on. These are specific characteristics I look up to, and even though a few of them can be portrayed in some ways, I don’t feel like any of these things 100% of the time. Therefore, I am drawn to clothing pieces that could potentially do the talking for me. Wanna know the best part about this? I find myself playing the part. I find myself embracing everything I aspire to become. If you are wondering what the heck I am talking about just think about the way red lipstick makes you feel. Or how about those amazing pair of stilettos you only wear for special celebrations? Can you imagine what would happen if I wore a fascinator on the daily? Goals. The point is, there must be something you own that brings out the best version of yourself, and if you don’t, begin looking for it. It’ll drastically change your life in a positive way.

Now onto explore a few stylish blouses featuring my all-time favorite accessory – the bow tie.

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  1. Black floral blouse – This one is very similar to the one I currently own and it’s from the same brand, Who What Wear. This particular brand is my personal favorite when it comes to shopping for workwear. The quality is pretty great for its price and the styles are flattering. This blouse also comes in a nice shade of subtle pink.
  2. Bright blue striped blouse – Although I appreciate balloon sleeves (yes, that’s a fashion term), I love the tailored style of these. This top is perfect for the upcoming spring season, it gives off clean and crisp vibes. And who doesn’t love stripes?
  3. Navy striped blouse – What a classic to have in your wardrobe, I say classic because you can wear this blouse anytime of the year. Well, in reality you can wear whatever your heart desires anytime of the year, right? I guess what I am trying to say is you have the choice of brightening your outfit by styling this top with white bottoms (pants, skirt, etc.) during the spring or toning it down with gray or black bottoms in the winter.
  4. Blue floral blouse – First of all, I love how this one is styled with striped pants. I love mixing prints. Don’t wait to wear it to a professional or serious environment. This is a perfect choice for church, Easter, or date night. I love the oversized floral patterns with the blue and mint hues.
  5. Flounced-sleeve blouse – Pretty, pretty, pretty. Need I say much? The sleeves are everything! Best part? Under $17 and there are many sizes available. I would totally rock this baby with distressed denim and my Italian leather shoes on the weekend. Boujee? Maybe.
  6. White ruffled collar blouse – There are a few key characteristics I love about this top: Peter Pan collar, ruffled edges on collar, and raised shoulders. A versatile option since it’s white with a hint of black.
  7. Green satin blouse – Out of all the picks, this one may be in the top three. Holy pretty green, love how it’s styled with a red lip! This particular top has inspired me to try the relaxed tie-neck look. Ladies, it is 40% off ($40), and there are many sizes available!
  8. Black and pink checks top – The perfect top for a retro-inspired look. Not to mention, this bow collar is off to the side, not right down the middle like the others. I am seriously thinking of all the ways to style this baby in the winter too.
  9. Light blue blouse – This my friends, is another example of balloon sleeves. Not long ago, I embraced the oversized look. I always thought my body shape was not the ideal shape for oversized clothing, but after finding the perfect mom jeans, I can’t seem to stay away.
  10. Pink blouse – My favorite color since I was a little girl – Barbie pink. This top is one way to show your love for pink and it was the only one (with a bow tie) that I could find that I truly liked. I have yet to shop from this website, but basing off the site’s customer reviews and photos, it looks like this top has been ordered several times and people are happy with it. I am considering placing an order to confirm quality, sizing, etc.

Well, this wraps up today’s #profreshfridaypicks! If you haven’t watched the latest action on IG, I’ve started organizing and adding stories to my highlights. Follow along there for daily #ootd, recipes, and more. Thanks so much for reading, I hope you have an amazing weekend!

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