Our Dining Room Details

Finally giving you all the juice on our living room details. Guys – I NEED to take a photography AND photoshop class, lol! I am not a photographer by any means but I tried my best to capture shots of our dining room to share all the deets (click here for living room deets). Let’s just say natural light is fun and games until it creates major exposure on some of the photos.

If you read the blog post with the living room details, you are probably familiar with the aesthetic I was going for…inviting, warm, with a touch of glammy. The same applied to the dining room area.


Here’s the breakdown of each piece:

Rug – We have the 8′ X 10′ and fits perfectly!

Large Geometric Ball & Small Geometric Ball – I love these metal decorative pieces.

Brass Vase – I fell in love with this piece when I first saw it! I can definitely see myself using it for flowers in the future.

White Vase with Gold Dots – This exact vase is sold out but I found two options very similar to mine – Option #1 and Option #2.

Gold Mirror – This exact mirror is sold out but I found a similar one here.

Dining Table – I LOVE our dining table. I am very impressed with its current sale price!

Dining Chairs – Unfortunately, our exact color is sold out BUT if you don’t prefer cream, there’s plenty more to choose from.

Buffet Table – Ours is sadly sold out but I found two options I loved – Option #1 and Option #2.

Art – So many abstract pieces to choose from at my one and only favorite Houston store 😉

Lamp – We were supposed to return this lamp right before Covid-19 took over the world so we are stuck with it until normality returns. It’s definitely a cute lamp but I am still in between a floor lamp or a tabletop lamp with a different design.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in reaching out.

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