Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Spoil Her Edition

Mother's Day Gift Guide Spoil Her Edition

Coming to you with another Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Spoil Her Edition.

The top six picks include fragrances that I strongly believe will make a great gift this Mother’s Day! Some of which I keep in my bathroom closet, and others my favorite ladies recommended based on the daily compliments they receive 😉

Number 1 – This baby is my number one fragrance…and my husband absolutely loves it when I wear it. He says it smells “expensive” – his words, not mine. Also, the 2 oz. size is currently 15% off!

Number 2 – This is a classic in my book and ALL of the ladies in my life LOVE Flowerbomb. Holy smokes – I just checked the reviews and it has almost 9K positive reviews!!! That’s a lot for a fragrance. The 3 oz. size is currently 15% off!

Number 3 – This is a softer fragrance. My sisters have used this one for YEARS and they’re repeat customers. It has over 3K positive reviews.

Number 4 – My other sister, Alice, highly recommends this one. I trust this girl with my life, especially when it comes to beauty and cosmetics. She is THE makeup guru and more.

Number 5 – Again, another recommendation by Alice, aka the beauty queen. But this time my sister-in-law backed her up on this one because she also recommends YSL. I have to admit, I am now curious what it smells like. I love the bottle design – super sleek and modern!

Number 6 – A true classic – Chanel No. 5, I still remember when I first got this perfume as a gift. It lasted for years because I didn’t really need much and it lasted all day.

Number 7 – This pajama set caught my attention because of its color and the fabric looks comfy. Lo and behold, the reviews covered how soft and comfy the fabric is. Not a fan of the camel/tan color? No worries because it comes in four other color options.

Number 8 – I LOVE this leather clutch by Ted Baker! It’s chic, soft, with a touch of glam. If the lady in your life needs a new wallet, consider this pick.

Number 9 – Have a business woman in your life but she doesn’t own a pair of AirPods?!? Let’s change that for her this Mother’s Day! Trust me on this one.

Number 10 – Linking the AirPods Pro here too in case she needs an upgrade 😉 How are these different from Number 9? Well, the top two features include noise cancellation and water resistant.

Number 11 – For that mom on-the-go, I found this timeless backpack by DELSEY. Absolutely love the design and color. It has a lot of compartments and the reviews mention how comfortable it is.

Number 12 – I highly encourage the Nespresso if the special lady in your life loves a yummy latte. I’ve been having mine for a few months and absolutely love it!

Number 13 – Does she have a fun trip to the beach planned for this summer?!? Consider this mint adorable swimsuit cover-up. I love a good back detail!

Number 14 – Jose, if you’re reading this…perhaps this purse would do for my birthday this year. I LOVE the design – it’s so freaking cute! It’s the perfect bag for all summer shenanigans. I am pretty confident your stylish mama/wife/sister/aunt would love this bag for Mother’s Day!

Number 15 – If you are looking for something unique to splurge on this Mother’s Day, perhaps this adorable 14K gold link ring is an option.

Number 16 – Here’s another unique find that’s perfect for the beach! I love the tassel detail of this cover-up.

Number 17 – I don’t think girls will ever tell you when they need a new blow dryer…but I think it’s a nice surprise when you think of those things! This one by Dry Bar is the one I own and I love it! I’ve been using it for over one year and it’s still working fine and gets the job done!

Number 18 – This is another blow dryer option by Dyson. It is very popular nowadays but I have never tried it. All I know is that 9K+ people have amazing things to say about it.

Number 19 – Last, but not least, the famous gadget by Dyson – the Airwrap Styler. Apparently, this little gadget will style and curl the hair so effortlessly, I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on it to try it myself! Because if there’s ONE thing I am very good at is styling my hair 😉

Well, that’s a wrap on for this Mother’s Day gift guide. In case you missed the first one, I’ll link it here. It includes curated picks that are under $50!

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