Interesting Turn of Events

Seriously tho – what’s happening with the world?!? No one truly knows. What interesting turn of events!! I like to believe everything is going to turn out ok, honestly, just riding out the wave. I am not one to panic in situations like these, instead, I prefer to take things day by day because no one TRULY knows what is ahead.

Having said that, I am not waiting by the tv to wait for the latest breaking news. (TBH – I am simply grateful it isn’t hurricane season. Dangerous weather does scare me a bit.) Instead, I have been focusing on cleaning, doing laundry, going to the gym, reading, and preparing for the upcoming week. (I am actually working from home for the next three weeks so there’s that.)

Anyway, I am not sure what everyone is really up to during this time but I did come up with a list of things to consider. (I’ll be doing some of these too!)  It’s THE perfect time to capitalize on your time at home.

Things to do at Home:

  1. Clean out your closet. No, clean out ALL the closets in your home. I clean out mine a few times per year because things tend to pile up. And the guests’ closet has been on my list for a long time.
  2. Fix the little things around the house you have been putting to the side. Jose is on top of this one. You know that big piece of art in our living room that he placed too high? Yep, that’s definitely on my list.
  3. Read a damn book. LOL. Listen, I know everyone is asking for Netflix recommendations, and that’s great, but why not consume personal development information through a physical book for once? It’s a nice change of scenery (this is obviously an opinion). My current read is Third Circle Theory: Purpose Through Observation. Here is another blog post with a list of books to read.
  4. Work on your vision board. Listen, I don’t have mine done for 2020 either so this is on top of my list for next weekend.
  5. Start on that thing you’ve been thinking or talking about lately. A few girlfriends have told me how they plan to start a blog, website, etc. If this is you, don’t sleep on this down time.
  6. Learn a new language. I am not kidding when I say that I learned a third language via YouTube. For Free. On my own time. You can do it too.
  7. Catch up on things you are falling behind on. I’ll be catching up on blog content. By no means am I perfect and have my stuff together. I have a full-time job, personal commitments, a husband, etc. Life happens. It’s okay. Capitalize on this time and catch up.
  8. Create the perfect environment for creativity to flow through your veins. For me, it’s a candle, dimmed lights, lamp on, cafe music on, and a cup of coffee. (This is my current setting as I type these words.)
  9. Connect with your partner (or family). Jose and I went on a stroll through the neighborhood yesterday and it was quite peaceful. Immersing ourselves in nature is probably the second best thing we can do for ourselves. The first is, maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  10. Listen to a personal development podcast, take notes, and most importantly, write down ideas. I don’t know about you but my mind goes wild with ideas when I listen to other perspectives. It’s addicting. (Obviously choose an idea and execute.) To find out which leaders have changed (and continue to change) my life, click here.
  11. Research that topic you’re interested in but haven’t had time to dig into it. Without going into too much detail, the stock market is down – may be the time to buy. By no means, am I an expert. But I know enough to say it’s WAY down.
  12. Work on your budget. If you don’t have a budget, perhaps this is the time to set one. I wrote an entire blog post about this topic here.
  13. Open a high yield savings account – AFTER you’ve done your own research, of course. I shared about this topic here. This is perfect for those who already have a savings account or are interested in opening one.
  14. File your taxes. This one is on our list, lol. We use Turbotax and find it easy to do.
  15. Clean out your digital files. I plan on working on this next weekend as well. I have so much junk accumulated on my computer, laptop, and phone.
  16. Organize, organize, organize. Whatever it is you need to organize, do it now.
  17. Workout. OK, so maybe you are avoiding the gym but that doesn’t mean you cannot exercise at home.
  18. Find moments for peace and quiet. Put that phone away, turn the tv off, connect with yourself. Meditate. Do yoga. Read. Journal. Sleep. Stretch. Do something for YOU.

Listen, the point is to own your time. Take charge of your destiny. Take control of you life, don’t let life control you. Do not let your attitude be controlled by circumstances. Be kind, be patient, be nice. Like it or not, odd times like these truly define who you are. Who are you when no one is looking? (Blake Shelton song reference? Maybe.)

Hope everyone stays safe during this time, listen to your local authorities. In Houston, restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, etc. are still operating. Until we are told otherwise, I will continue to live my life as normal as possible. I need normality in my life in order not to go crazy.

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