How to make fluffy pancakes from a box

kodiak pancakes with milk

Learn how to make fluffy pancakes from a box with ONE simple ingredient. This ingredient will make all the difference and you’ll never use water ever again.

Without further ado, the ingredient that will change your pancake game is – MILK. Regular milk, 2% milk, or oat milk, the results should be about the same.

I’ve always used milk even though the box clearly states to use water. The reason I use milk is because I’ve had oatmeal with water, and boy, oh boy, it did NOT taste good. I figured the same principle applied to pancakes – and guess what? I was right.

Before, I used water one time because we didn’t have anything to eat for breakfast. We were out of groceries except for the box of Kodiak flapjack and waffle mix. And since water was our only option, I went ahead and used it. The results? Pretty flat and flimsy pancakes. Don’t get me wrong – I was very thankful for my breakfast BUT I realized how much fluffier my pancakes come out whenever I use milk.

So there you have it – now you know how I make fluffy pancakes from a box. The secret is to use milk instead of water. Below you’ll see the comparison – water vs. milk.

how to make fluffy pancakes from a box

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