Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him & Her

valentine's day gift guide for him & her

Today, on, I am sharing a Valentine’s Day gift guide for him and her.

As always, I dedicated a lot of time to searching and researching the best finds for today’s gift guide. Without further ado, let’s get into them!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him & Her

Pick #1

I’m just going to be real – I may get this one for Jose. It’s the gift that keeps on giving AND it’s a gift for me too, hehe. All jokes aside, an air fryer is the ultimate sign of adulting nowadays. Everyone and their mama has one. Well, except for us.

Pick #2

Listen – I’ve been having this baby for a while now and it’s the best! It seriously makes the best (and strong) lattes. You must buy the milk frother – a total game changer.

Pick #3

I had to include our roomba in this year’s Valentine’s Day gift guide for him and her. IT IS THE BEST INVENTION EVER and we use it on a daily basis. (His name is Drake because each time, without a fail, he Does Right And Kills Everything.) I usually don’t sweep (or vacuum) the floors because I rely on this little gadget to do the hard work for me.

Pick #4

This beverage chiller is perfect for him or her. It can take wine, beer, carbonated drinks, juice, etc., from room temperature to ice cold in a matter of minutes. So convenient!

Pick #5

Where are my diehard Apple fans? I suppose you already have an Apple Watch, but if you don’t, what are you waiting for? It’s currently on sale! This is perfect for those wanting to track their health and wellness goals this year.

Pick #6

I understand not everyone wants an Apple Watch so here’s the latest Fitbit Versa Smartwatch. It comes in black, dark blue, and rose/pink. This baby also tracks daily activities, sleep, blood oxygen levels, and so much more. Pretty neat!

Pick #7

To my diehard Apple fans – I suppose you already have AirPods, but if you don’t, what are you waiting for? They’re currently on sale! I use mine pretty much every day.

Pick #8

If you aren’t an Apple fan, no worries. I got you! Here’s another headphones option by Bose. They have amazing reviews and they also cancel out noise.

Pick #9

Here are the earbuds version by Bose, raving reviews as well!

Pick #10

I will forever recommend this book – it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him or her. We read this book as a couple and I also read it whenever I was single. A great book for those couples wanting to keep their relationship alive.

Pick #11

We recently finished this book in audio, which was read by Matthew McConaughey himself. IT WAS A GREAT DARN BOOK. I highly recommend to either read it, or listen to it, with your significant other. McConaughey is a great storyteller and has a lot of great stories throughout the book. (He’s also funny!) Find out why it’s called “Greenlights”.

Pick #12

This book is a classic and should be read by anyone wanting to improve their life. Since it’s the start of the new year, I figured a lot of people are on the pursuit of reaching their goals and I believe this book can help. This would make a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for him or her.

Pick #13

If I knew there was a cordless version of the back massager, I would hands down purchase this one. Ladies and gentlemen – don’t sleep on this back massager. It’s the best and we love ours! I only wish it was cordless like this one. Lucky you!

Pick #14

These massaging guns (or Theraguns) have become very popular in the last few months. I first experienced one at the American Express Centurion Lounge, and I thought to myself, “Oh, this is cool!” This specific Theragun mini is portable and perfect for travelers.

Pick #15

The older I get – the more I appreciate things that relax me. I would love a new sleep mist. *coughs* Ahem, Jose. This bottle is just lovely and matches our master bedroom aesthetic. It is made from two of my favorite scents – chamomile and lavender.

Pick #16

To be honest – this candle matches our office and that’s why it made on this year’s Valentine’s Day gift guide for him and her, hahaha. Also, my husband is fucking fabulous. And we could also use a “bougie” candle in the office by Tom Ford, just saying. After I found out he’s from Texas, he gained a new forever fan.

Pick #17

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll purchase my first weighted blanket this year. Maybe. Anyway, here’s one with over 400 positive reviews! I think a self-care basket would be a lovely gift idea this Valentine’s Day. Throw in self-care essentials such as a gift card to their favorite spa, a Tom Ford bougie candle, a weighted blanket, book, back/neck massager, essential oils, and a sleep mist spray, and you’re SET.

Pick #18

I am sharing this Adventure Challenge book because my sister and brother gave us this for Christmas and I cannot wait to do our first challenge. It looks cool and it’s something different to spice up the relationship. It also has amazing reviews!

Pick #19

Hopefully Jose isn’t reading this far, lol, but I am including this 2022 vision board clip art book as part of his Valentine’s Day gift. We LOVE to work on our vision boards. They’re still a work in progress but we are almost done. I think this clip art book could provide a lot of valuable “clippings” that could potentially complete our boards.

Pick #20

Here is a couples bucket list book that consists of 101 date ideas for you and your loved one. Perfect to try new things and bond! It has almost 400 positive reviews.

Pick #21

This one is debatable but I think it would be sweet to cast our hands holding each others’ hands. According to the poll on my Instagram story, about half of you were willing to try it, and the other half said, “Thanks, but no thanks.” And that’s okay too, lol! Linking two options, which are different in price. Both have good reviews too.

Well, that’s a wrap on today’s Valentine’s Day gift guide for him and her! I hope you are inspired with ideas on what to get your lover, or significant other. If you have any questions, please feel free to send a DM on Instagram or email me at

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