Happy New Year – 2023!

happy new year - 2023

Happy, happy new year, my sweet friend! I hope you are enjoying this day however you decide to enjoy today. Whether you are resting, reading a book, exercising, spending time with loved ones, or writing your goals for the year, immerse yourself in the present moment.

I hope you took some time to reflect on last year, and feel inspired to go after your dreams. If your dreams scare you, then I think you’re dreaming big enough. If they don’t intimidate you, challenge yourself, and step out of your comfort zone this year.

Let this be the year you take some serious action towards your goals and remember to write them down. Writing your goals is such a power move and encourage you to try it if you have never tried it before. It feels so good to look at the promises you made to yourself on a daily basis to remind you of the big picture. This little tactic also encourages you to stay on track.

There is definitely a method to the madness of accomplishing your goals, but I will save that for another blog post. I think a good first step is to ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish throughout this lifetime?” Seriously – take some time to answer this serious question. After all, life is way too short to live an unhappy life.

The last thing anyone wants is to live a life filled with regrets.

If you feel inspired to share your goals with me, feel free to reach out and chat. You can email me at sonia@mrsprofresh.com or you can send a message on Instagram. Hope you have a Happy New Year!

Ps. This is officially blog post #400!!!!! Woohoo – what a freakin’ milestone. I am excited to see how many more will be published by the end of 2023! Thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU for being here.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year – 2023!

  1. I love the idea of starting fresh this year. I find myself wanting to remember this year, because we never celebrate the same each year. Our big tree is in the living room. We had two smaller trees together in the den. I put a string of lights on both trees at once, and plugged them in. The den was suddenly carrying the theme of Christmas. We have never done this, but I had the fresh box of lights, and there were plenty for the two trees with one box. It was an idea, and I went for it. I know people who decorate all over their home, and three levels has plenty of Christmas!

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