Fresh Friday Finds: Easter Dinnerware Collection by Target

Fresh Friday Finds_ Easter Dinnerware Collection by Target

Happy, happy, Friday, my loves! What a beautiful sunny day, right?!? Today, on, I am sharing fresh Friday finds, which is an Easter dinnerware collection by Target. All of items are under $15.

Target: Easter Dinnerware Collection

  1. Cake Stand – An adorable piece, and for only $15, who wouldn’t want to purchase this?!?
  2. Serving Platter – I must say, Target nailed it with this year’s Easter dinnerware collection because this is another great piece! I would purchase three (or five) of these. They’re SO affordable that I don’t think one is enough.
  3. Bunny Candy Dish – Here’s another cute piece to add to the buffet table. Love the bunny detail on top.
  4. Pitcher – I love this beautiful pitcher. It has amazing reviews, and for only $15, who wouldn’t purchase it?!? I know who…me…because I have yet to commit to hosting an Easter celebration, lol. One day when I have a huge yard with a beautiful garden I’ll host Easter and all the holidays, lol.
  5. Table Setting – This includes a total of three items that are sold separately: placemat, dinner plate, and salad plate. All super cute and would totally purchase if I hosted Easter. Plus, have you seen the prices for each piece? Incredibly budget-friendly.
  6. Floral Mug – I mean, if you are already purchasing the floral plates, you may as well purchase the matching mug.
  7. Egg Platter – One of the things I’ve recently started to enjoy is, deviled eggs! You couldn’t pay me to eat them before but boy, oh boy, do things change because now I can never get enough of those little suckers.
  8. Disposable Guest Napkins – For $3, you can have 16 disposable napkins, which are essential for any Easter celebration. If they don’t go with your theme, I would consider placing a stack (or two) in the bathroom for guests to use.
  9. Decorative Spring Hand Towels – I may actually purchase these because I need a spring-theme towel in the kitchen.

That is wrap on this week’s fresh Friday finds. If you have any questions about the Easter dinnerware collection, please don’t hesitate on reaching out. You can always email me at You can also send a DM on Instagram or comment below on this blog post. I love hearing from you!

Ps. To peep the beautiful dress I plan to wear tomorrow, head over to this blog post 😉

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