Fresh Friday Finds: Cute Two-Piece Bathing Suits

Two-Piece Bathing Suits

Cheers to another birthday weekend!!! But this time, it’s mine 😉 Today, on, I am sharing cute two-piece bathing suits that will suit you well during your next poolside hour, or summer vacation. I think you’ll love!

6 Cute Two-Piece Bathing Suits You’ll Love This Summer

Number One – If you have yet to read all about last week’s Fresh Friday Finds, I have determined I am into the green print this summer season. This pick clearly depicts my obsession. I love a good palm, or leaf, print. This top could easily be worn as a regular top too. If it were up to me, I would easily throw on denim distressed shorts over the bathing suit bottoms, and rock the top as is. If the green color and print isn’t for you, no worries because it comes in 19 other color combinations.

Number Two – I love this yellow color and the side cutouts on the top! It also comes in three other colors and the best part is it is under $30!

Number Three – Similar as number one, I would wear this top as a regular top. Because of the way it hangs, I think this two-piece bathing suit would look really adorable styled with a wraparound skirt. Super freaking cute. Oh, and it comes in 37 color combinations!

Number Four – I LOVE LOVE this pick for a classier, elegant style two-piece bathing suit. First of all, love the color black. And second, I love the one shoulder strap – super chic!

Number Five – If you love the pink and green color combo, this one is for YOU 😉 It’s PG-13 and wouldn’t mind wearing this around family, or small children.

Number Six – Can we love on this color?!? I have a dress in this color and always get compliments on it. It’s tasteful, youthful, crisp, and clean. Love the baby blue but if this color doesn’t speak to you, check out the other 21 colors and patterns.

Final Thoughts:

Well, that’s a wrap on this week’s Fresh Friday Finds featuring adorable two-piece bathing suits. I hope at least one pick spoke to you. If you have any questions, comments, or insight, please email me at, or feel free to send a message on Instagram. I love connecting with you!

Ps. To check out my top sexy one-piece bathing suit picks, check out last week’s blog post here.

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