FaceTime Games with Friends

Last night through IG stories, I shared the app I used to play with my cousins for our game night! It’s called Houseparty and it’s super easy and convenient to use for those who have been enjoying catching up with friends via FaceTime. It’s an app that has popular built-in games (e.g. Heads Up!, Chips and Guac, Trivia, and Quick Draw!). I believe up to eight people are able to play at once and you’re able to join other houseparties your friends are attending; I’ll link more about the app here.

When I asked for your feedback on additional games/ideas to do over FaceTime, I got the below suggestions:

  • Cards Against Humanity (Online Version) – OK, this is pretty freaking cool! For licensing reasons, the game is actually called Remote Insensitivity. Click here to begin the game and then click on Start Game.
Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 7.55.07 PM

After you click on Start Game, you’ll send the link provided to your friends.

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 7.56.10 PM

I encourage you and your friends to review this quick guide on how to play to make sure everyone is on the same page – pretty straightforward 🙂

  • Form a Book Club – If there was enough people I knew who would love to form a book club, I would totally do this!
  • Never Have I Ever – Such a fun game to learn more about each other and tell funny/wild stories!
  • Two Truths and One Lie – I have yet to play this one but it sounds fun! You might want to play this game before Never Have I Ever, haha! (Because then everyone will know your secrets!)

If you think or come up with more game ideas, please share. The more, the merrier. You can never have too many game ideas, especially during this time.

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