Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

Ladies, I’ve been looking forward to sharing this post because I’ve slowly compiled this list of gift ideas since last year! And I can finally share it, yay!!!

Valentine’s Day is 19 days away, and if you like to plan ahead, you are probably shooting to buy his gift no later than Sunday, Feb. 10th. I don’t know about your guy but I find it just a little bit challenging shopping for mine. He is the type of person who beats me to it. For example, for our wedding, I knew exactly what I wanted to surprise him with on the day of. I was yelling on the inside when he asked me to go to the mall with him to buy the watch he had his eyes on for MONTHS!!!! Ahhhh, it still gets me, LOL!!! Like why, why did you have to buy your own wedding gift, Jose? I ended up expressing my love for him on a piece of paper (something he cannot find at a store); I believe my love letter ended up having much more significance than anything I could have ever purchased. 

Love letters are always a great idea, especially when you are trying to meet your monthly budget. However, there is something special about giving a tangible item. By the way, gifts are not the way to our hearts (not our love language). But what I am trying to say is, if you know your special someone really wants something but refuses to purchase it for themselves, it is nice to go out of your way to purchase that something your special someone really desires. Whether the gift is practical or not, I believe this is a way to show you listen.

If you are a guy (and reading this – duh), you are the ultimate judge of this gift guide. I’d love to know your feedback on it. Some of the gift ideas came from observing Jose’s best finds. If you like what you see, send this blog post link to your lady and type, “Hint, hint.”

Let’s get started!

  1. Tumi Card Holder: True story. Jose was experiencing major issues with people hacking into his credit/debit cards. After some research, he discovered a cardholder with radio-frequency identification (RFID) protection. He has not had any issues since then, thank God! He enjoys the simplicity and practicality of this card holder. Perfect for the simple and practical guy.
  2. Wilson’s Leather Briefcase: This isn’t the exact design Jose has, but I saw the price, and knew it was my responsibility to spread the good news! This baby easily became a travel essential. Not only does Jose’s laptop fit in it but there’s also room for mine. It was designed to withstand the good, the bad, and the ugly! The quality is truly superb. Oh, looks like a code (EXTRA25) was added for an additional discount!
  3. Ion Audio Tailgater: This speaker has been a real hit in our family. I take my Dad’s everywhere I feel it’s necessary to play loud tunes – bachelorette parties, going  aways, pool gatherings, etc. I thought it would be a great white elephant gift this past Christmas…and I was right!
  4. Magnasonic Jewelry Cleaner: Perfect for the man who loves polished jewelry, eyeglasses, retainers, razor blades, you name it! This cleaner is probably our top five favorite Amazon purchases – thanks to Kim for recommending such cleaner after getting engaged. It keeps all of our valuables looking oh-so-fine and sparkly! I’ll have to do a demo on Instagram stories soon!
  5. Essential Oil Diffuser: Let’s just say this could potentially be a gift for the entire family! I read the reviews, and compared several different ones on Amazon, and concluded this one had a lot of satisfied customers (~75%). This is for all the men (plus everyone in the household) who need a way to de-stress and decompress.
  6. H&M Sweatshorts: Not sure if you remember this or not, but last November, I shared a bit on men’s fashion via my stories. We were on the hunt for specific items, and while at H&M, I was shook when I saw this pair of sweatshorts hanging on the racks! We had purchased them MONTHS ago (maybe a full year now)! And guess what? Jose still LOVES them. The quality, comfort, fit, and style, is all perfect! I am happy to know they’re still available and discounted.
  7. Rtic Back Pack Cooler: Perfect for the man who appreciates the outdoors! This one probably makes my top three favorites. I don’t know why but I find this backpack so cool. Rtic nailed it with the design, colors, and dimensions. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself!
  8. Steve Madden Suede Loafers: You already know I had to include something for the fashion-forward man. Last year, I bought Jose a pair of all-black Steve Madden suede loafers. He saves them for special occasions. I linked a similar pair, except this one has red stripes…and I am digging them.
  9. IPA Beer Making Kit: I bought this exact kit as a gift to Jose almost six years ago, and so far, he says it remains as one of his favorite gifts! After reading the reviews, I can conclude other people agree this is a great kit for a beginner. If your guy is into IPAs, then this could probably be a thoughtful present!
  10. Makita Drill Kit: I did not purchase this for Jose but I did purchase this exact kit for my old man about two years ago. Both of them have nothing but positive things to say about it. Highly recommend it for the handy man in your home. But first, check he doesn’t already own one. I’ve probably made an oops or two when it came to buying tools for Jose.

Ladies, I hope this blog post spurred some ideas for your guy. I’ll be sharing a gift guide for us pretty soon so stay tuned.

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you have a beautiful day!

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