Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

Fellas – welcome, welcome. You may or may not be a regular visitor around here, which is totally cool with me. I suppose you have a special lady in your life and you are probably wondering what to surprise her with this year. Well, you’ve come to the right place for inspiration (at least that is my hope). Can you believe love day is two weeks away?! Just enough time to shop around and decide what to spoil her with!

You’ve probably already brewed up some ideas by now – a perfume from her favorite brand, a gift card to her favorite spa/salon, or maybe a trip to the mall. If you are still unsure though, I’ve got you covered with more exciting ideas!

#1 & #2: Bathing suit season is around the corner! Wanna know the beauty of swimsuit cover-ups?!? They do not have to be fitted, therefore, if you have a general idea of the size your gal wears, you should be able to make a pretty good guess which size will fit best!

#3: This little baby was also suggested in the gift guide for him (click here to view). I cannot say enough positive things about it! I will do a live demo tomorrow to show you how it works.

#4: You can bet this sucker is on my wish list. I guess I could it buy it for myself right now but I would like to hold off on purchasing new kitchen gadgets until we purchase a home. Pair this with her favorite kind of wine and consider yourself an understanding (and considerate) gentleman!

#5: If there is a perfect time to purchase winter coats/jackets, I’d say it is right now. This “shaggy” jacket may not be your cup of tea, but if your woman is the fashion-forward type of gal, she may dig it.

#6: If she is kind enough to consider your opinion on her outfits, and you actually enjoy giving input, I think this sweater is a win-win. The color is super feminine (perfect for spring) and the sleeves are so much fun (aka cute).

#7: Along with the jewelry cleaner (#3), this is a must-have for the girl who struggles with acne breakouts! I absolutely LOVE my Clarisonic, and honestly, could not live without it! It truly makes a huge difference when it comes to cleaning my face.

#8: OK, if she doesn’t have a vanity mirror, I promise you cannot go wrong with surprising her with one! I think this is a bathroom essential for anyone in the household. This is the one I currently own and love that I can use the bluetooth speaker for my podcasts/music as part of my daytime/nightly routine.

#9: This is called a blanket scarf, seriously the warmest scarf ever. I’ve received many compliments on it and needed to share the good news – it is on sale! Goes great with #5 or #6. Perfect if you have an upcoming trip to a cold location!

#10 & #11: Perfect gift combination for the faithful tea lover! Again, this electric water heater is on my wish list for when we purchase a home. I searched high and low for the one with best reviews, I feel pretty confident this is a great one.

#12, #13, #14 & #15: Hey hubby, if you’re reading this, just put all of these items in a basket (or plain bag), and surprise me! On a serious note, if your lady wears (nude or neutral) makeup, there is a high chance she’ll be jumping for joy if she receives these items on Valentine’s Day! The colors of the makeup palette are everything! Also, I’ve been wanting #14 for a LONG time. I may actually order this for myself tomorrow morning. I love the fact that it comes in different sizes! And who doesn’t love a new set of brushes and a brand new beauty blender?!?

Well, that is all I have for tonight! Men, best wishes on your shopping and feel free to reach out for any questions. Ladies, send this link to your man and let him know what’s up. I know I’ve already sent a screenshot or two to Jose with ideas, LOL!

Thanks so much for reading!

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