Third Year Wedding Anniversary: A Staycation in Houston

Marriott Marquis Texas Pool

The staycation I never knew I needed. We spent our third year wedding anniversary in good ole Houston, TX. Our original plans consisted of something totally different, however, who knew how fun it would be to act like tourists in our own city?!? Well, we totally didn’t pretend to be tourists, lol! But you get the point – the change of scenery was very nice 😉

Rest and Relaxation

We started the celebration by getting a massage at Massage Heights. I have been a member for over a year and don’t plan on cancelling anytime soon. It is the best self-care one can do for themselves. They have many locations across the Houston area making it super convenient, especially if you live outside the loop. You don’t have to be a member to make an appointment 😉


Cielito Cafe

The first restaurant we visited to kickoff the celebration was Cielito Cafe. This place was on our list for quite some time so I am glad Jose remembered (thanks, honey) and booked a reservation. I cannot say enough good things about this charming little place. I have to go back.

We ordered the el jardin french toast as an appetizer (I prefer to eat something sweet before the main dish), which was delish! And for the main dish, I had the divorciados and Jose had the chilaquiles. All of the dishes were full flavor; nothing was disappointing. Their menu includes a variety of traditional dishes and drinks, including avena de abuelita, so I am eager to visit again. Perhaps I’ll take my siblings next time they’re in town. (Hint, hint, bro and sis 😉 )


The second place we visited for brunch was MKT Bar, which was attached to Phoenicia Specialty Foods. These little gems are located in downtown, not too far from the Marquis. I think it took us about five minutes to walk there so it wasn’t too bad. We had no idea what to expect from MKT Bar. I already knew what Phoenicia was all about because I visited a few times before but this specialty foods store is so big, it is easy to get distracted by all of their goodies. (They even have a second floor I have yet to roam!)

Having said that, I never saw what MKT Bar looked like. I was surprised at how spacious it was. They had plenty of seating available, a bar area, and a small stage. Anyway, the brunch ended up being delicious as well! I had the chicken and waffles and Jose had the fish tacos. Surprisingly, the tortillas were freshly made! Soooooo…yeah…must-try!

Irma’s Southwest

And finally, on our actual anniversary dinner, we had Irma’s Southwest. It was our first time eating there and I am happy to share it was very delicious. I highly recommend! The beans were like omg and the skinny margarita was one hundred.

By the way, there are two “Irma” restaurants to choose from, both located in downtown – Irma’s Original, and of course, Irma’s Southwest. I can confidently recommend both locations. Each restaurant has their own vibe but the food is to die for (ok, I wish I could type emojis from my laptop to express myself).

Our stay

Jose dropped the biggest surprise – an overnight stay at the Marriott Marquis in Downtown Houston. I was beyond ecstatic! We have been wanting to book a stay at the Marquis for a very long time. We always came close to booking for birthday celebrations but for whatever reason we never did. Alas, I finally discovered the hype of the famous Texas lazy river.

The entire experience was fun. I loved hanging out by the lazy river, honestly, I wouldn’t have minded staying another night. In fact, we checked out late to ensure I soaked up every single minute. (Jose may have been a little hungover – haha! So yes, at this point, it was all about my enjoyment – hahahaha!!!) Anyway, we made the best of it. Wearing a mask inside a pool is a little weird, k? But what can you do? Everyone was required to wear one or else…well, you know.

I encourage everyone to stay here at least once in their lifetime. Not sure about you, but I LOVE a boujee hotel…not ashamed to say I love fancy. It inspires me. Being in beautiful environments spark the creativity inside of me. Let me clarify – the architecture, interior design, lighting fixtures, decor, all of the elements of the Marquis were beautiful. I took in all of its beauty.

If you have a special celebration ahead, I would look into booking a stay at the Marquis. It will not disappoint.

Discovery Green view from the 6th floor of the Marquis

Well, that’s a wrap for tonight! It is way passed my bedtime. As always, if you have any questions about anything shared here, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at or DM me on IG.

If you missed yesterday’s hidden gem, I’ll link it here. It’s for my Mexican food lovers 😉

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