A Hidden Gem: 100% Taquito

Happy, happy Monday!!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We spent most of ours at home and ventured out a bit on Saturday. We are still in the process of deciding on an aesthetic for the master bedroom so we went to Pottery Barn to see if anything spoke to us. (Apparently Jose hates the comforter set I purchased last year.) Afterwards, we were craving gorditas, a Mexican food, so we looked up places in the area and ended up finding a hidden gem called 100% Taquito. (By the way, I say hidden because we didn’t know about it until now.) It was 100% authentic Mexican food so I thought to share this little gem on ze blog.

About 100% Taquito:

100% Taquito was founded in 1996. (Like how have we missed this place this entire time?!?) The concept started as a school project for an entrepreneurship program at the University of Houston. Their mission was to bring street style foods by recreating the experience of eating throughout the streets of Mexico City. I have yet to visit Mexico City but I definitely felt a little nostalgic being there. It was very close to what I’ve experienced before visiting small towns throughout Mexico. I appreciated the smallest of details to recreate such experience, hence, the sidewalk seen in the below photo. Oh! And the coke/soft drink bottle options to choose from to accompany your meal!

100% Taquito

Everything on the menu sounded delish, especially after reading the reviews on Google, so we actually didn’t end up ordering the gorditas (what we were originally craving). Instead, we each ordered the asada beef tacos on corn tortillas and asada beef sopes, which happen to be very similar to gorditas 😉 Oh, and have I mentioned the tortillas are handmade?!? I mean….I’m pretty much sold at handmade. For those who watch my IG stories, you know I am a huge fan of handmade tortillas.

I think the next time I visit I’ll be going for the mole sopes. I freakin’ LOVE anything mole!!!! Well, that’s a wrap for tonight. I have a short work week ahead so you can bet I am pretty focused over the next few days to ensure I am “away” from work on my day off on Friday! 🙂 I’ll of course share deets on the blog once everything is finalized. Until then, you can expect deets about our staycation, a few date night ideas in Houston, and outfits. Wishing you a lovely night.

Ps. If you missed yesterday’s bonus blog post, I’ll link it here 😉 It’s for anyone who lives in the Houston area.

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