Stepping out of comfort zones

The first quarter of the year has come and gone! I think as time passes (or as I get older), the faster time flies. I wish that was not the case but what can you do?

I’ll tell you what I try to do – live the best version of my life. Every. Single. Day. There is no point in living a bitter life. Each one of us has the choice to create our own happiness the second we open our eyes. Have you heard faking a smile can trick your brain into happiness? There are studies regarding the subject, and whether it may be true or not, you can bet I fake it until I make it. Meaning, I will fake smile until I start feeling better about myself.

In a January post, I shared my goals for this year. I am the type of person that holds myself accountable for anything I set for myself, and well, so far I am on track for a few goals, but not all.

  • I can do more than five assisted pull ups – slowly reaching my actual goal
  • I have yet to finish my first book, Unshakeable, by Tony Robbins (hubby surprised me with a signed copy – eek!!!!)
  • I have yet to volunteer for an official event
  • I traveled to Healdsburg, California in February – cutest place! Highly recommend it to the wine lovers!
  • I’ve documented life experiences in writing – so proud!
  • I’ve memorized Downtown Houston streets traveling from 59 to 45!
  • I have yet to run like I used to
  • I uploaded pictures on Mar. 31st to FB 🙂 – definitely not waiting until Dec. 31st

Aside from those goals, I am also focused on improving myself as a blogger. I did a pretty daring thing recently. And I say daring because I stepped out of my comfort zone. As a blogger, you will find people reaching out to you to collaborate. For the first time, I said yes to a photographer.

I did not know if the photographer was a man or a woman since the instagram profile only had photos of children. So yes, I was a little nervous. The day finally came when we were supposed to meet and everything went well. The photographer, Nalanda, ended up being a woman and did a great job! I was comfortable working with her and she returned the photos a few days later! Scroll down to see her work. She also maintains an instagram profile of her cute puppy, and if you love dogs, I recommend it 😉

Now it is time to rate my outfit – my favorite part! OK – if this isn’t the most feminine skirt ever, I don’t know what is! I absolutely LOVE it, can you picture me twirl in it? Because I did. It is comfortable, surprisingly light in weight, and does not require ironing or steaming! If I could insert an emoji after “…and does not require ironing…” I would insert the one with hands in the air! Unfortunately, the matching top was sold out in my size. Instead, I paired it with a blush knotted top. This combo is perfect for church, girls brunch, or date night! Best part? The price – you can pull off this look for only $38.

Click here to shop skirt

Click here to shop top

Also, if you like what you see, spread the word and tell a friend!


Yours truly,

Mrs. P


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