Nothing to wear? Think again.

If there is one thing most girls have in common is overusing the phrase, “I have nothing to wear !” – even though we clearly have something to wear. I am definitely guilty of this! On days I feel uninspired by my wardrobe, I tend to get a  little creative and work with what I have. Recently, I took a weekend favorite and turned it into the ultimate “profresh” look. Fun and perfect for the office!

Also, did I mention it is by Gianni Bini and only paid $25?!? Heck of a deal! I must say, Gianni Bini is an all-time favorite due to quality, comfort, and fit. There is everything to love about it!

Facetune_16-04-2018-19-08-41Facetune_16-04-2018-19-09-20Facetune_16-04-2018-19-09-43Facetune_16-04-2018-19-10-30Facetune_16-04-2018-19-10-58Facetune_16-04-2018-19-11-13Facetune_16-04-2018-19-11-26Facetune_16-04-2018-19-12-24Facetune_16-04-2018-19-13-06Facetune_16-04-2018-19-14-05Facetune_16-04-2018-19-13-29Since this exact jumpsuit is no longer available, I am linking similar ones.

Click here for this adorable ruffle shoulder cropped jumpsuit (no blazer needed for the office)

Click here for this affordable striped jumpsuit – only $42! Seriously, this one is way too cute!

Another option is to pick a jumpsuit hanging in your closet and style it with a nice blazer. I hope this post sparked an idea or two on how to get creative with what you have hanging in your closet. If you end up purchasing any of the suggestions, please share and let me know. I love to hear feedback!

Cheers to a great week!

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